Podcast launch–book giveaways!

Hey, I’ve started podcasting with writer friends Randy Lindsay, Brock Booher (and eventually  Aaron Blaylock) about all things writing. I’ve got one podcast playing right now as I write this and I’m cringing at my voice. I know, I know, most people don’t like the way their voice sounds, but… sigh… Ok, here’s the thing: as some of you know, my mother got cancer when I was two, was sick for four years, and died when I was six. My Dad remarried when I was ten. But during my formative years, instead of hearing my mother’s lovely soprano voice, I mostly heard my father’s deep voice. I had a music teacher explain to me once that when this happens to girls they very often speak in a lower tone than they normally would.

I don’t think about this fact until I hear my voice on a recording and then I always think, why do I sound like that? Ahh! So, in future podcasts, I’m going to try and remember to sound lilting and not like I’m trying to impersonate a man.

But enough about my voice.

There are four 15-minute podcasts. I’m giving away a book per podcast to one of the commenters. (Chosen by Random.org) Also Randy Lindsay will be also giving away copies of one of his books as well as Ryan Hancock’s Uncommon Blue. (Ryan is also our friend, and some of you may know him as Darth Beta because he rips my stuff apart when he beta reads it.)

Here’s the link: Ready, Set, Write!

Books you can choose from are: My  Fair Godmother, My Unfair Godmother, How to Take the Ex Out of Ex-boyfriend, My Double Life, It’s a Mall World After All, Just One Wish, Slayers, Slayers: Friends and Traitors, Erasing Time, Revenge of the Cheerleaders, Life, Love and the Pursuit of Free Throws, or Fame, Glory, and Other Things On My To-do List (Or Echo in Time if you’re willing to wait. I have it on order but don’t have it yet.



Podcast launch–book giveaways! — 6 Comments

  1. I just listened to the first episode and am moving on to the next one. I am always happy to find a new podcast about writing, and so far so good. By the way, quit worrying about your voice, you’re fine. 🙂

  2. I just finished the first one, and it was really interesting! I’m looking forward to listening to the rest! And your voice sounds great.

  3. I think thats how everyone is LOL.
    Janette do you do any book signings in Utah? Unfortunately I only own ebook copies of your books but wouldn’t hesitate to buy one for a second if I was able to get it signed ! Your my favorite author!

    • Ah, I’m honored to be your favorite author! I’ll be up for LDStorymakers May 11-13th (Utah Valley Convention Center0 and they always have a book signing that’s open to the public (usually) on the last day. I probably should put those sorts of events on my website calendar.

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