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godzilla-1Do you know that feeling when you’re on top of your to-do list? I don’t. Seriously, I don’t think it’s ever happened. I am much more likely to forget the things that were on my to-do list than complete them, like putting this blog up on the 14th, like I was supposed to do.

Sorry about that.

So anyway, I was talking with Tressa from Wishful Endings and she told me about her read-a-thon, where you tackle your to-read stack. Or add to it. I’ve forgotten the idea, or maybe I’m just incapable of shrinking my to-read list. But enough about me. Let’s talk about my books.

In the Slayers series, dragons are real and they’re coming back to the modern world. They don’t want to be our friends–which shouldn’t surprise any of us that have actually considered what a dragon looks like. Are they cuddly, furry creatures like cats, dogs, and horses that might like us? No, they are clearly carnivores and would like nothing better than to eat one of our limbs.

In the last book of the series, dragons are going to be flying around DC causing havoc. I admit that this scene may be inspired by all of those Godzilla movies I watched as a child. Don’t ask me why my parents let a small, impressionable child watch a giant, scary lizardish monster destroy cities. I don’t have a good answer. It clearly scarred me. I had lots of Godzilla nightmares.

For a chance of your choice of one of my books (if you live outside the US, it’s a choice of one of my ebooks) leave a comment telling me what your childhood fear was.

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TBR book giveaway — 35 Comments

  1. Okay, so my childhood fear is actually pretty embarrassing. I was always afraid of Dick Van Dyke. It wasn’t to the extent where I would have nightmares or anything about him, but any movie with him in it was creepy for me. The worst was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The part where he and Truly dress up to sneak into the king’s palace was the worst. And so I was always scared of him after that, no matter how much my family tried to convince me he wasn’t scary!

  2. Hmm. . my childhood fear would probably be the boogeyman hiding in my closet. I slept with my older brother in the same bed until my parents forced me to sleep by myself. I cried myself to sleep but it worked, I slept by myself after that but it didn’t mean I was any less afraid until I got older.

  3. One of my childhood fears was always that stupid Bloody Mary game that you were supposed to play with bathroom mirrors in the dark at slumber parties. I still have a hard time going into bathrooms without turning the light on.

  4. From my bed I could see a corner onto the landing, which is where the stairs came up… I was terrified that one day the bogeyman would lean out around the corner, all dressed in black, with a cloak, and in silhouette against the landing light, and then…

    Although his head shape was just like the Tin Man, otherwise he looked just like a Dementor. The first time I saw them in the HP films it all came flooding back to me :O

  5. Bears. I guess I heard a few too many Scout Camp Bear stories (growing up I basically lived at Scout Camps during the summer) – the scary was getting to close to my reality.

  6. Monsters under the bed. Specifically, the Duke brothers as zombies grabbing my feet as I got into bed. Therefore, I had to jump into it. I was a weird kid!

  7. I’m trying to do the TBR readathon too. So far I am failing. I don’t know what it feels like to be on top of things either. Gah! But my childhood fear was definitely spiders. I watched Arachnaphobia when I was very young and impressionable … parents, man. What were they thinking?

  8. Oleander bushes. It all started when my mom warned me about them being poisonous. Her “do not touch” warning escalated to “evil monster plants” in my head. Walking past them in the neighborhood was traumatic, since I kind of expected them to attack me. I was horrified that so many people were planting such awful, dangerous things for fun. Never mind that they do have nice looking flowers. 🙂

  9. Mine is kind of ridiculous. I was afraid of public toilets until a couple years ago…yes I’m in my 30’s. When I was a kid I went to the bathroom at a park restroom and was unfortunate enough to discover that the toilet was out of order and ended up getting sprayed out the back toilet pipe. It was horrible. Even worse was we were on a trip, a few hours from home and our next destination so I don’t think I was able to get a bath for a while. So gross. After that I always made sure the bathroom stall was unlocked and I was ready to bolt out the stall as soon as I flushed the toilet…just in case. I didn’t realize until a couple years ago that I was probably the only person afraid of that.

  10. One word: Zombies! Couldn’t even get out of the car at a funeral I went to see the grave ceremony. As soon as my parents left, I locked all the doors and hid on the floor, with a very determined plan that if zombies ate everyone I would drive the van and save my younger siblings. I think I was eight. In all fairness, the sky was gray and everything was quiet, just like in a freaking horror film!

  11. My family moved to a new house when I was three years old. There was a wooded area with a swampy stream on the property and my grandpa told us that “Hockey Man” lived down there in the water. My brain conjured up a half man/half alligator creature. I wouldn’t go near that stream because I was afraid that I’d get stuck in the “quicksand” near it and Hockey Man would catch me.

  12. I have always stayed away from clowns. I know they are supposed to be funny and make people laugh, but I have never liked them. I went to a circus once and I hated it. The clowns made me cry. I can’t stand the face paint and they look really scary when they smile. I didn’t even care for Ronald McDonald.

  13. Oh my goodness… I was afraid of moose. I had one ‘run’ after me when I was little (it was behind me and I freaked out) and it has made me avoid moose since!

  14. I was afraid of snakes swimming up through the pipe in the toilet and biting my… yeah. The bottom of the toilet looked like a snake-hole and I think someone told me (probably fake) a story of that happening. I was always slightly afraid to sit on toilets after that.

  15. My two biggest childhood fears were spiders and the boogyman under the bed. I used to stand at my door with my finger on light switch to turn the light off, and run and take a flying leap to my bed so that the monster under the bed couldn’t grab my feet! Also, spiders seemed to be attracted to my bedroom. I would always read in bed at bedtime and often saw a spider crawling on the ceiling and always screamed for my mom to come and kill it!

  16. When I was in 2nd grade my friend came over and told me her barbies came to life at night and killed her grandma. I locked all my dolls in the closet from then on.

  17. My childhood fear, and still fear is Clowns. I don’t know why everyone loves them. Do you ever see a “good” clown in a movie???? NO! They are always evil. When I was young I watched Poltergeist and ever since then I have had a crippling fear of clowns.

  18. My childhood fear was short lived and primarily inspired by Jurassic park. Despite the fact that I knew Dinosaurs are no longer living, I somehow frightened myself with the thinking that dinosaurs were alive and going to eat everybody (including my cat) and this severely frightened me. LOL, I’m glad I got over that phase!

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