A new romcom is on the way! (Do you want to be on the review team?)

You know how I suggested to my writer friends that we write a series of hot cowboy brothers romcoms–and then they (mostly meaning Melinda Carroll) took the suggestion seriously, and the next thing I knew, we were all traipsing around Bisbee doing research?

I admit it was the most fun I’ve ever had writing a book because my friends were involved and actually cared about my plot and characters. (Usually my friends and family get that glazed-eye look when I talk about my work in progress.)

Although, I still think it’s funny that we decided on cowboys (and I thought: This will take a lot of research, but if we’re all doing it, it will be easier) and then Melinda immediately said, “My brother left the ranch and is a banker.”

Ruth followed with, “My brother left the ranch and is a vet.”

Torsha said, “My brother does a lot of high adventure packages so I’ll mostly be writing about that.”

Kelly said, “I think my brother will be a teenager, in case I want to write my story as a young adult novel.”

And I was like: Wait, am I going to be the only one researching bull artificial insemination, sale lots, and how much profit you make per cow?

Yes, yes I was.

So after that series was done, Melinda said, “Let’s write a Christmas romcom Fake boyfriend series with sisters.”

I knew it was a little hard to make fake boyfriend plots work–because really, how many legitimate reasons are there for lying to your friends/family about having a boyfriend–but I love my friends, and it’s fun writing with them, so I said, “Sure.”

We came up with a terminally ill grandma whose greatest wish was to see her granddaughters in relationships and on their way to settling down.

And Melinda almost immediately said, “My sister refuses to have to have a fake boyfriend so my story will be about an office nemesis.”

Well played, Melinda. Well played.

But mine is about a fake boyfriend/fake fiancé. And it is funny, if I do say so myself. ( I know that sounds like bragging, but you have to realize that I never know if a book will be funny when I sit down to write it. I just have to hope that along the way, magic happens and my brain comes up with something funny.)

If you would like to be on the review team–meaning I send you a free copy and you agree to review it on Amazon–let me know. The review doesn’t have to be that long. Amazon accepts a couple of sentences. The review doesn’t have to be five stars. It should be your honest opinion.

Email me at jrallisonfans at yahoo.com and give me your email address.

Here’s the working blurb

One little lie can spin so wildly out of control.

Scarlet’s grandmother wants her to bring her boyfriend home for what may be her grandmother’s last Christmas. Which wouldn’t be a problem…if Scarlet actually had a boyfriend.

Scarlet’s sister came up with a bit of fiction about all of them having boyfriends in order to make Grandma happy and is prepared to provide a fake boyfriend for Scarlet. She’d totally pass, but her cousin Jane is bringing her boyfriend too—Scarlet’s ex.

Yeah. Her rich, arrogant, all too sure of his own charms, ex-boyfriend. That guy.

There’s no way she’s showing up solo to face him.

Scarlet is stuck, last-minute, with Liam, a man she’s never met and knows nothing about.

Maybe it’s Liam’s extreme hotness that muddles Scarlet’s mind, but she has a hard time keeping certain facts straight—like his profession, and the fact that he’s not really her boyfriend, so she’s not supposed to kiss him.

And not keeping her story straight will land her and Liam in all sorts of trouble.

An Unexpected Boyfriend for Christmas is a sweet, romantic comedy that will have you laughing, swooning, and turning pages. Also, it will make you want to hug your grandmother. You should do that.



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