Another book give-away

I should probably clean more. Who knows what I’d find? While going through the game room yesterday, I discovereed some ARCs (advanced reading copies) of My Fair Godmother. Yeah, I probably should have found a homes for those long ago. I’ll start by giving one away here. That said, keep in mind that ARCs have typos in them. Usually the typos aren’t that bad, but in My Fair Godmother . . . yowza. I think the publisher used someone who didn’t actually speak English to go over them. Why else would somebody change the word Yankee to yanker? I mean, that makes no sense. When was the last time someone told you, “Go home, yanker!”

It sounds vaguely obscene.

Worst still, in the climax a snake is a snack. Yep, not many people are really afraid of snacks so it changed the whole meaning of the scene.

But who knows, if the book ever becomes a movie, maybe those typo-filled ARCs will become collector editions. (This is my attempt to make you covet one.)

Since Chrysanthemum Everstar, Fairy Godmother extraordinaire, loves to send people to fairy tales, I’ll need to choose some new fairy tales for book three–assuming I ever do a book three.

So to enter to win, leave a comment about which fairy tale/myth/folk story hero you would like to see in book three. (Keeping in mind that Cinderella, Snow White, Rumpelstiltskin, and Robin Hood have already been used.)

Followers get double chances, so mention if you are a follower in your comment.

And may you live happily ever after!


Another book give-away — 58 Comments

  1. I was thinking Rapunzel could be fun, as well as Sleeping Beauty, but since those have been recommended, I’m voting for Aladdin or something with mermaids.
    And I stalk… I mean FOLLOW you!

  2. I always loved the fairy tale called “The Fairies” or sometimes as “Diamonds and Toads.” Basically, two sisters are granted gifts. One has flowers and gems fall from her mouth when she speaks, the other has snakes and toads fall from her mouth when she speaks. Chock full of drama, if you ask me. (And if you don’t know, Gail Carson Levine re-wrote it in one of her princess tales)

  3. YAY! I actually just finished rereading this book yesterday and laughed so hard all over again. I would love a copy of my own! One of my all time favorite line(s) was: “Because I was smart. Even if I had nothing to show for it, like knowledge.”

    Okay, as for a fairy tale (and I’ve been wondering which ones you’d use)it would be fun to see maybe The Frog Prince, ooo–or how about Bluebeard? Beauty and the Beast? Anyway, I’m a follower!

  4. Beauty and the Beast has a special place in my heart (my school did the musical and I was in it) so that’s probably my number one. I also love the Princess and the Frog, but any of the others said I could see in the future book.

  5. Beauty and the Beast has a special place in my heart (my school did the musical and I was in it) so that’s probably my number one. I also love the Princess and the Frog, but any of the others said I could see in the future book.

    And, I’m a follower!

  6. I’d like a Sleeping Beauty who wakes up really cranky, with bad bedhead and stinky morning breath. And I’m pretty sure I follow you. If I don’t, I will be a follower within twenty seconds of posting this, so count me in!

  7. My favorites, in no particular order: Beauty and the Beast, the 12 Dancing Princesses, Little Red Riding Hood. Kudos to whoever suggested Bluebeard, too. That would be awesome/freaky.

    I’m a follower (I keep trying to type flooer).

  8. How about Snow White and Rose Red? (Not the same as Snow white with the dwarfs though)Ive always thought that prince’s in disguise were cool, (gives me hope for the future) but the Frog Prince applies there too….. I’m A Follower!

  9. I know she is not a hero, but I love Baba Yaga from Russian folk lore. If you ahve to have a hero, the Frog Princess (Vasilisa the Wise, is her name I think)would work.

    I am a follower.

  10. I vote for the Princess and the Frog because Savannah having to kiss a frog, or whatever amphibian Chrissy messes up and puts in fairy tale would make a great scene!

    And I’m a follower.

  11. UMMM. Why pick just one? What if Crissy messed up and she’s in like 3 stories at once??? Like she’s a mermaid with long hair locked in a tower in the ocean and has to kiss a frog to get out. Or somthing with them all mixed up. I like Repunzel, Thumblina, Sleeping Beauty, Princess and the Frog, ext. πŸ™‚

  12. To become a follower you copy my blog url, then when you sign in on your blog page, scroll to the bottom and you’ll see an add button. Push the button and it gives you instructions from there.

    One day my followers and I will rule the world. Bwah-ha-ha!

  13. There’s a little known fairy tale called the Tweleve Dancing Princesses and it’s one of my favorite stories.

    But if you’re going for more famous tales (i.e.) Disney, my favorites are: Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, and the Little Mermaid.

    Or how about Jack and the Beanstalk? Lots of potential twists there.

  14. I Absolutely Love your books by the way!!….hmm..I think that Thumbelina would be Interesting or the princess and the pea, or hansel and gretel!!! I love fairy tales so whatever you choose will make the book sufficient!!! I’m a follower πŸ˜€

  15. First I have to say that I love the title of the new book, second, the cover is great and I’m glad they have the same gal…LOVE continuity,

    Fairy tales that would be fun to revisit in one of your books….hmmm There’s the one about the troll under the bridge I remember from when I was a kid. The princess and the pea. Beauty and the beast, ummmm, the ugly duckling, Ohhh! The emperors new clothes!

    I am so excited for book #2 I can’t stand it!
    Thanks for putting your great imagination down on paper!

  16. I think it would be cool to see Rapunzel in a book three. I could totally see that happening.

    Do I count as a follower if I follow on Google Reader?

  17. Darn it! I already own this one. oh well. xD
    I’ve been thinking and I can’t figure which one was Rumplestiltskin. Unless it was ‘My Double Life’? Anyone know?

  18. Well since my favorite fairy tale of all time is beauty and the beast I would like that one. And East of the Sun and West of the Moon has so many possibilites. . .

  19. I think Mulan would be a good one because she could not even want the fairy godmother and cause all kinds of problems and I’m a follower

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