Back to work on Slayers 4 (Into the Firestorm)

Perhaps by the time I’m finished with the book, I will remember that firestorm is one word. Although you probably shouldn’t hold your breath. I’ve written multiple books that involve either the Renaissance or renaissance festivals and I still spell the word wrong. Every. Single. Time.

Thank goodness for spellcheck.

Anyway, I am working on Slayers 4 again. I’m having a hard time getting excited about the book because I want to be already done with this series and it still needs so much work, and oh yeah, the climax and ending. It still needs that.

And–this is why I shouldn’t write series–I know at some point soon, I’m going to have to go back and reread all three books to make sure I’m not inadvertently changing facts and details.

I’ve said since book two that I was going to write two endings, one where she ends up with Jesse and one where she ends up with Dirk so that both camps will be happy. Oddly, even though the (super) rough draft is written up until the climax, I’m still not sure which version I’m writing now. I guess we’ll all be surprised…



Back to work on Slayers 4 (Into the Firestorm) — 18 Comments

  1. Renaissance is a hard word – don’t beat yourself up about it (I copied and pasted it from your post since I can’t get it right either) 😉 My feelings towards Jesse and Dirk change depending on the book, so I’m sure I’ll be happy with both endings. It’ll be interesting to have a series without a “definitive” ending that everyone reads. More work for you though, especially if you already don’t want to work on it. Who knows, maybe you should pick the one you like best and write that one first, that way if you get really sick of it and don’t want to do the alternate ending, you can claim that was your plan all along.

  2. My feelings towards Jesse and Dirk change from book to book, sometimes from scene to scene–and every time I hear Imagine Dragons sing “Demons” I think, Dirk’s song. He deserves a nice girl…with superpowers.

  3. I can honestly say that I’ve been a Dirk fan from the very first page Tori met him. Your comment about imagine dragons made me smile from ear to ear because I could see that being his song and of course I agree he deserves a nice girl with powers..cough…cough…Tori!!! I just feel he feels with his heart more and Jesse is more to the duty of being a slayer but I think it’s great that you want to do both endings…..especially because I think it would break my heart if there wasn’t an ending with Dirk and Tori. ok done with rant….p.s none of this is meant to be hating on any part of your books or characters…love it all!!!!

  4. Janette-
    When is the next sale for your Slayers books? I am dying to read them because I love all of your other books but don’t have enough to purchase the first one….

    • The first two books in the series are with Feiwel/Macmillan so I don’t have any control what price they charge for the books or the ebooks. However, if you perchance live in Arizona or Utah and come to one of my signings, I have copies of remainders that I sell for pretty cheap. If you live in those states (or I’ll be in Kansas next fall) email me and I’ll let you know where I’ll be signing. (Or if you live in the UK, I’ll be putting the ebooks up there within the next few months, and they will be cheaper because I have the rights to that market.)

  5. how much longer I like rereading books but not that much, especially now that school is out and I’m running out of books and dirk sounds much hotter.

    • So sorry! I’m working on a novella and not getting much writing on Slayers done which is frustrating to me because I’m 90% done with the fourth draft. In fact, I may start putting parts of the rough draft on my blog just so people have something to read… Buut in good news, I’ll have a new novella out as part of romance anthology soon…

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