But on the bright side, I’ll have some novellas coming out soon

Sometimes when I tell my husband about something in my schedule, he starts singing the song, “I’m Just a Girl Who Can’t Say No.”

This is actually true about me in many regards. For example, I never say no to chocolate. Or for that matter to anything that tastes like gingerbread. True story: for the last two years I’ve stocked up on the gingerbread spice herbal tea that Celestial Seasonings makes at Christmas time. Sprouts has always been my supplier but after going to three different Sprouts that didn’t have it yet, I panicked and called Celestial Seasonings to see if it was discontinued. Turns out it wasn’t and I could order it directly from them.And shipping was free on orders that were over 49 dollars; so yes, I did buy 49 dollars worth of gingerbread spice herbal tea. I have no regrets about that decision.

Anyway, Rachel Christianson, one of the authors of the Echo Ridge (romance) anthologies told me that an author had dropped out of their group and asked if I wanted to write a 25-35k novella.

Yep. Sure I did. I aimed for 25K and instead wrote one that was almost 36K.

And then Heather from the Timeless Romance anthology told me that one of their writers had dropped out (What is happening to all of these authors and should I be worried?) and asked me if I wanted to write a 15K novella for them.

Of course I did. Novellas are fun and they seem like they’ll be fast to write since they’re not full length.

It just occurred to me today that with those two word-counts together, I would almost have another novel written. Which I don’t. But I’ll have two fun novellas that will come out next year. So there’s that…  And I’ll finish Slayers 4. Really I will…


But on the bright side, I’ll have some novellas coming out soon — 1 Comment

  1. Now I know that if I ever need to bribe you, apparently gingerbread flavored (anything) and chocolate is the way to go. Maybe I should stock up on Almond Joys just in case … 😉

    I’m excited for your novellas!

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