Celebrity Fashion

I’ve always been grateful that authors don’t count as real celebrities, since there is some unwritten law that celebrities have to frequently dress like expensive clowns. I mean, really, what was Rihanna thinking when she bought this outfit? And for that matter, what was the fashion designer thinking when s/he designed it?

I’m imagining some drunk guy with a fake European accent saying, “At last, I have created the perfect blend between water-wings and dice!”

Or how about anything Lady Gaga wears. This for example:
The perfect blend of a life jacket and a disco ball.

But recently it has occurred to me that the reason that celebrities dress this way is so that people will plaster their photos around. Hey, it’s free advertising. In this spirit, I’m beginning to think that I should dress like a celebrity at all upcoming author functions. So what do you think I’d look better in this:

Or this:

Maybe I’ll just save myself time and wrap a roll of tin foil around my body.


Celebrity Fashion — 11 Comments

  1. No, no, you must have a flotation (floatation?) device. I would recommend a cross between an animal print and shiny, and maybe make the animal print a color that is not found in nature.

    Yes, I could be an author stylist!

  2. Why not wear both? That gold dress is awesome, but the woman’s legs are screaming, “what about me?” The leggings would complete the outfit perfectly. Wear it to the next ANWA meeting, though, just so we can make sure.

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