Erasing Time–the cover is finally final.

Notice any differences? I didn’t. (Which is why I’m lousy at all of those picture games where you’re supposed to find six differences in what appear to be two identical pictures.) Anyway, I’m very happy with it. It’s an awesome cover.

The book is coming out September 2012, and I’m writing the sequel right now. (Must figure out a way to put the cover on my sidebar and website . . .)


Erasing Time–the cover is finally final. — 17 Comments

  1. It’s awesome! I love it! Might just pick it up when it’s released. No, I didn’t see the other cover so I don’t see any differences. This is just so cool! It really catches the eye. can you give me the summary of the book?

  2. I guess I should really come up with a description. How about this one:
    Scientists of the 25th century build a time strainer and hope it will bring them a scientist from the 21st century. Instead, it brings them identical twin sisters, Sheridan and Taylor. The girls find out that the 25th century isn’t such a nice place to be. With the help of a young and handsome historian named Echo, try to escape from the city. But Echo has so many secrets of his own, they’re never sure whether they can trust him.

  3. YAY! So excited! I have been waiting (more like anticipating really) your next book, as I do for all your books. I still haven`t been able to get my hands on Slayers though.

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