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You’d think that after writing twenty plus novels it wouldn’t be hard anymore. Maybe it wouldn’t be if I kept writing the same novel over and over again. (Hey it worked for Barbara Cartland . . .) But unfortunately I keep writing different novels and the one I’m working on right now is an action novel. Yep, action.

Action, I’ve decided, is hard for me to write. I mean it’s such a visual thing in a non visual medium. Plus, I’ve never really cared about fight scenes or car chases. Give me witty banter or romantic smoldering looks any day.

I was trying to make my daughter help me with a good guy-bad guy fight scene for the Erasing Time sequel and needed something to stand in for my people, so I grabbed a marker and some grapefruit that were on the counter.

Yes, This is what I’ve resorted to:

I’m pretty sure Ian Fleming didn’t use this method. Sigh. And in case you’re wondering, the pineapple is just an innocent bystander.


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  1. That pineapple never knew what hit him. I’ve done something similar, though it was with paper towels. By the time I was done, practically the entire roll was in very itty bitty pieces. My roommates, since I was unmarried at the time, thought I had gone completely batty when they came home to our kitchen frosted in paper towel pieces. In my defense, epic fight scenes need epic staging …

  2. I can relate, I can come up with these of the wall jokes, great comebacks when I am joking around with the kids – but when it comes to putting those jokes on paper [ I draw funny comics ] it’s almost an ordeals just to figure out how even to start?

  3. Hi all, I’m back from a cruise and trying to get caught up. (And despite best intentions, I didn’t work at sea.)

    First off, you guys are so funny! I think I have the funniest commenters. (And that’s without taking the Turkish into consideration. The action scene is mostly done. I need to make changes. It will probably involve chainsaws.

    Allerednic, send your physical address to jrallisonfans@yahoo.com

  4. Hmm… I think the best solution would be to have a good view in your head of what is happening; the fruit idea is original,interesting and will (I hope) be a help to your writing.

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