Donating blood

Okay, so while I’m busy working on Slayers, my son is making videos. This one made me laugh so I had to share it. (Almost on page 500, without any chapter breaks, by the way. Which means once I put in chapter breaks it’ll be over 525)


Donating blood — 12 Comments

  1. I LOVED it. You both are very quick witted. Well, Janette, I am not sure about your quickness since I only read it…
    BUT get the two of you together and it would be like the Gilmore Girls. Almost. I love how they talk so fast and make me laugh. Kinda like giving blood.
    Thanks for sharing!!

    • I’ll have to watch the Gilmore Girls. Sometimes having teens to joke around with is the funnest thing ever, but most of the time I’m telling them to do their chores and they just scowl at me. I wonder how the Gilmore mom gets her kids to do jobs . . .

  2. I am so excited for your next slayers book!!!!!…do you have any idea when it will be finished? you said in some other comments that it might be done in the beginning of the year sometime…will it be done in January?? just curious…I know your probably annoyed from getting so many comments and questions about when the book will be done…so sorry…but I’m really curious and excited!!

    • I had expected to be done by now. But then, I’d envisioned the book being between 300-400 pages, not close to 600. So the first draft should be done by the end of the year but the final book won’t. However if you want to be put on my Beta readers list, send me an email. Beta Readers will read the first draft and give me feedback of things they liked, didn’t like, didn’t understand, etc. (No grammar required.)

  3. Excellent video! You must be proud of him.

    I came here on a circuitous route from Kindle Scout. I’m nominating books I think are really well written, and yours is one – I hope KS is sensible and chooses it :o)

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