Echo in Time audiobook giveaway.

The long-awaited (at least long awaited by me) audiobook of  Echo in Time is now available! And that means I have some Audible codes to give away to reviewers. I’ll be giving away 15 to commenters on this blog. (Yep, just comment. If there are more than 15 comments, I’ll use to choose the winners.)

Don’t have an Audible account? That could work out even better for you because when you sign up you get a free book so you can just choose Echo in Time  (Or you can get Erasing Time if you haven’t read the first one. The book contains spoilers.)

Did I mention it has an adorable British narrator? I swear, I love listening to accents so much that I want to just write books that take place across the pond.

Here’s the blurb and then I’ll give you directions to sign up if you don’t have an account.

Echo in Time delivers on “the possibility of an equally thrilling sequel” (Kirkus Reviews) to Erasing Time.

After being pulled 400 years into the future, twins Taylor and Sheridan have found some refuge from the government of Traventon, which used the dangerous Time Strainer to yank the girls from the past. Yet the threat of the dangerous technology still looms. Taylor and an ally, Joseph, are selected to go on a mission to destroy the time machine and weapon. But their actions before they do may have major consequences for the future and the past.

Action-packed and romantic, this futuristic sequel to Erasing Time is perfect for fans of dystopian and sci-fi novels such as The Maze Runner by James Dashner, Across the Universe by Beth Revis, and Matched by Ally Condie.

Here’s directions to join Audible and get Echo in Time for Free

If you already have an account, just comment and chances are good you’ll get one.



Echo in Time audiobook giveaway. — 21 Comments

  1. Oooh! I didn’t know Erasing Time was out in audiobook, and now I feel bad! (How do you keep up with all you do?) This series is one of my favorites of yours. Sexy British narrator? Sign me up!

  2. I haven’t read your C.J. Hill titles, but if they’re even close to as good as your other books, I’m all in. I’ll have to check out the first one in this series and hope I get a copy of this one, too.

  3. Hi Janette!

    If there are still Audible codes available, I would like to listen to and review this audiobook. 🙂 I’ve read several of your books and enjoyed them, and I’m especially a fan of the My Fair Godmother series! I’ve been getting into audiobooks a bit more lately, and I will have a fairly long commute for my summer job when that starts, which might provide some good listening time. 🙂 Here’s the link to my reviews on Audible so far:

    Thank you!


  4. I’ll review it on audiobook! I think it is the only book of yours I haven’t read and I love listening to audiobooks!

  5. I listened to the audiobook for Erasing Time and really liked it. Is it the same narrator? Who cares? I’ll do it!

  6. I LOVE audiobooks and review as Betababe (Amazon/Audible/Bookbub/Twitter) and myself (Goodreads/Netgalley) plus share on FB. =o]

    [As a bonus if you happen to have read this far, I still have some codes left for Just One Wish, My Fairly Dangerous Godmother, Erasing Time, and How I Met Your Brother. If you want to review one of those instead, tell me that in your comment.]<–I have not read ANY of these and if I should have read the prequel to "Echo" first, I will be guided by you.

  7. Hi Janette! Echo in Time sounds phenomenal. If there’s still codes available I wouldn’t mind a copy! Thanks for the chance regardless.

  8. I would love to listen to Echo in Time. I just love the theory of time traveling. Quite a complex theory with so much possibilities of things that can go wrong.

  9. Hi, I would love to review “My Fairly Dangerous Godmother”, Erasing Time”, or “How I Met Your Brother”.

    I really enjoy your books and, though I hadn’t heard of the Erasing Time series yet, the other two books have been on my “to read” list for a little while.


  10. Looks like I shouldn’t ignore my email for a week. Excited to see this out in Audible. If you need another reviewer I would jump at the chance.

    • I reviewed your audible version of Erasing Time. Ideally enjoyed it and have been wanting to read or listen to Echo in Time. I have read and reviewed all the other books you have codes for except Just One Wish. I do have a copy of that book so just need to read it. 😉

  11. Its great to find an author who wants to bring fun and imagination — and I’m a definite fan of audiobooks! Hope I get to review it!

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