Erasing Time book launch pictures

Erasing Time is set 400 years in the future, when as you know the world will be populated by dystopian governments that are trying to kill you. (Not all that different from today, really.) In my futuristic society, people dye their hair, skin, and wear outrageous outfits.  Sort of like this:

See, Lady Gaga isn’t odd, she’s just 400 years ahead of her time.  Anyway since Echo, one of my main characters in the book, has blue hair, I decided to dye my hair blue as a visual effect. I was a little nervous about doing this because it is one thing to do something flashy like that when you are a young, cute bee-bopper and quite another to do it when you’re a middle-aged woman. Middle-aged women who do flashy, hip things tend to look like they are in old-age denial. But hey, how many times do I have a legitimate reason for dying my hair blue? So I took the plunge and sprayed on bright blue hair color:

You can’t really tell in this picture how blue my hair is so I added the bottom one–as you can see it really was noticeably blue.

The presentation went well and everyone who came was awesome! But here is the thing–I sort of forgot my hair was blue. I mean, I wasn’t looking at myself. And I also forgot to mention during my presentation that one of the book’s characters had blue hair. Yep.

No one asked about it during the question and answer session either.  They must have all thought I was just one of those artistic types . . . the kind that is in old-age denial.

Here I am showing off my glitter tattoo. It’s sort of a Rosie the Riveter moment.

Anyway, so besides the don’t ask, don’t tell blue hair moment, it was great! I was glad to see old friends and new faces.  And then I went home and realized that it was late, we were out of milk, and I was the only one of driving age awake. The kids need milk for their breakfast cereal and they start leaving the house at 5:30 am.

So I had to go to the grocery store with blue hair and a glittery tattoo. And the cashier and bagger did ask about both. Sigh. Yeah, I am so cool.


Erasing Time book launch pictures — 11 Comments

  1. That something I would have done, dyed my hair and forget to mention it, so don’t feel too bad =). And I agree with Tiana, maybe they already knew. I can’t wait to read this book! As I’ve said before, I’m a fan for life!

  2. canvirries and Amanda,Thanks! I hope you like the book!

    Tiana, Yeahhhh, I bet that’s it . . .(Or at least that’s what I’ll tell myself.)

    Kathryn, Glad to have you as a fan for life–one day we’ll both have an excuse to have blue hair. Isn’t that something little old ladies do?

    Beedubbs, Were you at the signing and you didn’t mention that your secret identity was Beedubbs? Now I’m trying to place you and can’t. Long blond hair?

    Jeanna,I probably should start designing my characters with book launches in mind. Must think of something cool I want to do next . . .

  3. Hannah, sparkly nails are good too!

    Taffy, yep, it came out. I sort of wish I had a remaining blue streak though. I should think about doing a permanent one. Middle-aged women are allowed to do streaks, right?

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