I’m not dead yet

That’s a reference for all of you Monty Python fans. You may have wondered about my overlong absence from blogging. I’m not dead, although I di do something horrible to my back last week and now I can’t sit for more than a few seconds. Mostly I’ve been taking pain pills andlaying in the bath watching Poirot reruns. I may be conscious enough to move onto Merlin reruns now. We’ll see what the yet to be scheduled MRI reveals. (Why does it take doctors so long to do anything? Were they all publishers in a former life? Really, that would explain so much.)

On the plus side, if I’m on pain medication while writing Slayers 3,it may prove to be very intersting.


I’m not dead yet — 3 Comments

  1. That’s terrible! I hurt my back once to the point where I couldn’t sit, so I understand how you feel!

    I hope you get better quickly! Praying for you!

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