Random.org has spoken

And today our benefactor of true randomness likes Hall Family. So Hall Family send me your snail mail address at jrallisonfans at yahoo dot com and I’ll send you your ARC.

And for the rest of you–I loved all of your wishes and wish I could be fairy godmother and grant them all. But you’re probably better off that I’m not. I have a feeling I might be like Chrissy and then instead of having laundry that magically took care of itself, you’d have no clothing.

But never fear, I’ll have another giveaway before the book comes out. And remember you no nothing about the difference between hay and straw.


Random.org has spoken — 2 Comments

  1. You know, the difference between hay and straw probably only matters to animals who are interested in eating one and sleeping on the other–and, of course, to anyone who has to provide same to said animals.

    It doesn’t matter all that much to the rest of us.

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