Okay, so I lied about that first cover. These are actually going to be the covers for Slayers 3 & 4

I changed the third cover because I wanted the model to match the fourth cover, and I loved the picture the cover artist used for the fourth.

Slayers Playing with fire darkened Slayers Into the Firestorm


Okay, so I lied about that first cover. These are actually going to be the covers for Slayers 3 & 4 — 12 Comments

  1. I know. I nearly told the cover artist to go with a blonde, but in reality I say in the books that Tori has brown hair, so it seemed like I should go with brown. Although, you can also just pretend this is Rosa . . .

  2. Why do girls on the cover of books always have to look trampy? She looks kind of emo too. I’m just saying that if I just saw this book on the shelf, and if I didn’t already know that this author is great, I wouldn’t pick it up.

    • Funny you should say that. I actually had the cover artist darken the lace on the model’s shirt so it wasn’t as revealing. (Explaining to the artist that Tori is only a junior in high school, and I don’t want the mothers of the teenage boys who read the book mad at me.) Now I feel justified in making the change. Anyway, if you peruse the available photos in Istock or Shutterstock, you’ll quickly see the problem I face. You can spend hours, days sorting through the pictures trying to find one that works. (This is a bit like looking for a homecoming dress for your daughter. You start out with all sorts of stipulations in mind. You want it modest, affordable, a good fit, and a flattering color. After a few days of driving to different stores, tromping around the mall, and finding nothing but dresses that look like they were made for Vegas strippers, you’ll settle for anything with a hint of sleeves and more than a yard of fabric.) The thousands of cover models you’ll find either look like they are smiling happily in anticipation of selling some product or they are pouting seductively. There’s hardly a middle ground. But hey, if you’re good with a camera and know attractive girls, I’m sure you could find willing authors who would use your services! I can’t tell you how long I’ve been looking for a picture of a cheerleader to use for the ebook of Revenge of the Cheerleaders.

  3. Oh wow! I like these better! How is it going with the beta readers? Do you think the third book will be published soon? Looking forward to it!

  4. I love this series. I’m currently reading Book 2 and I ship Tori and Dirk so hard. Team Dirk! It’s a bit weird that Tori is going from blonde to brunette on the the covers, but the covers are still great.

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