Oops, this is the cover. Weigh in — 11 Comments

  1. Ties in really well with the other My Fair Godmother books! Only comment: her left hand looks a little funky and big, and her low-cut shirt looks kinda weird haha! But other than that, it’s super cute! Love the sparkles, too!

  2. Oh and also, your name at the bottom: it works, but I noticed that the other two godmother books had your name in the same font as the “My Fairy Godmother” words. I think that would fit in nicely!

  3. I like it! I’m glad it doesn’t look dramatically different from the other two godmother books. I hate it when that happens. Of course, it would look better if it were in my grubby little hands RIGHT NOW. But I can do patience. Thanks for giving us a third Chrissy adventure! My Fair Godmother was the first of your books I ever read and now I get more, more, more!

  4. I agree with the person who said her arm looks like it’s been badly photoshopped, lol. But yay for the title making sense 🙂 Also, the swirl in the cloud still looks pixelated to me. I’m sure they were trying to make it look wispy and cloud-like, but it just looks like it’s been stretched or something. Maybe I only think that because I see too many self-pubbed books trying to enlarge a small image…

  5. I kind of miss the pink hair but maybe that’s a hint that Chrissie grows up a little? I agree that the photoshop is off and why is the shirt pink at the bottom? It’s a really pretty cover though.

  6. You know, at first glance, I loved it, but when I read the comment about the left hand, I looked again, and they’re right. It does look disproportionate, like her wrist is sprained, and her hand is swollen. Other than that, I really like it. The author’s name in the same font would be good. I also much prefer the different cover for “It’s a Mall World.” The copy I have has two girls coming down an escalator wearing low-rise jeans, which are VERY unflattering to even perfect figures. I like the title “My Fairly Dangerous Godmother” very much. I also like “My Airy-Headed Godmother” with a F in front of Airy crossed out. I’ll do a secret Writer’s Block Death Dance tonight, and tomorrow those talented fingers will be flyin’ !!! You’re doing great. Also, an increase in dietary chocolate is a proven antidote to Writer’s Block-itis! Must be on the darker side, though, not milk chocolate. That is where many an author goes wrong. Trust me, I’m a nurse. I know these things, and I double majored in dark chocolate. Really, I did.

    • I agree, and like your title idea, but I would cross off the “f” and then the “y” at the end so it’s just “air-headed.” This should guarantee another book though!!! haha

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