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I usually try to blog once a week, but as you may have noticed it’s been ten days since I actually posted anything. This is because I am valiantly trying to finish Slayers 4 (111,000 words right now) and I’m also listening to audio files for Erasing Time.

Slayers 4, by the way, feels like it will never end. Nope. Yesterday, I had three scenes until I finished. I wrote most of one scene and then this morning realized I needed to add another scene. So now I have 3 1/2 scenes left to write. See, I’m actually losing ground.


Slayers 4 update — 5 Comments

  1. Quick and weird question Janette: I know your LDS so what would you do in my situation:
    I’ve always been a very faithful person, in fact the only one in my close family (my parents and siblings)
    I’ve been baptized and participate in church and other activities that are church related.
    Recently my parents told me that they are no longer supportive of my faith, and that it is a religon they don’t want me participating in.
    Because I am a minor, I don’t have much of a say, so here I am, not going to church, pretending like I don’t wish I was there. This time away has even gotten me questioning my faith. I am so confused. I want to follow my heavenly father, but my parents mean the world to me. What should I do? Thanks.

    • It’s hard to be away from church, but you don’t have to lose your faith or upset your parents. What you do need to do is to find ways to bring the spirit into your life every day. It goes without saying that you should pray and read the scriptures. Do it every single day. I listen to General Conference talks on my phone while I eat breakfast. I can’t tell you the difference it makes in my day. Life is put in perspective and I feel at peace–like I can handle the world. But when I get too busy to do these things–that’s when I start to question my faith, God, everything.

      Hang in there and love your parents because they are probably doing what they think is best for you. They just don’t understand that the Gospel is all about making you a better, happier person. I wish I could give you hugs!

      • Here’s another thought. There are all sorts of videos to watch, scriptural reenactments, talks to listen to, and stuff to read on Would your parents mind you watching/listening/reading the stuff there? Maybe they could check it out first so they know it’s okay. I love President Hinckley’s Way to Be book that he wrote for teens. It’s all about being positive things. Be grateful, be smart, be clean, etc. Again, maybe your parents could read it first to make sure it’s something they could agree with. (I don’t know a parent who wouldn’t tell their kids the same thing.) Good luck.

        • Thanks Janette for the advice, I really appreciate it! I agree that my parents believe they are doing what is best for me, they just weren’t raised loving the gospel. Thanks again.

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