All’s Fair in Love, War, and High School

Book Questions

Cover art byWalker & Company

Cover art by
Walker & Company

Some of the characters in this book see Samantha as a stereotypical snobby cheerleader, but she doesn’t see herself that way. Is she really like that? Why or why not?

Samantha has a certain amount of resentment towards Cassidy. Is her resentment justified? How much of Samantha’s resentment comes from her jealousy toward Cassidy? Do you think Cassidy is a likable character or not?

Samantha thinks it will be easy to go two weeks without insulting anyone. What do her friends’ reactions about the bet tell you about her? About them? Is being uncritical easy or hard for most people? Why is it so easy to concentrate on people’s negative aspects?

After Samantha discovers the flyers about her SAT scores, she takes revenge. Was she wrong to take revenge, or just wrong to take revenge on Amy? Is revenge ever justified? What’s the difference between taking revenge and standing up for yourself?

Samantha had to take her psychotic cat in for shots, and it clung to her head the whole way. Do any of you want this cat? Because this scene was based on my obnoxious cat, Shady, whom I am persistently trying to give away.

Samantha didn’t want to tell her mother about her SAT scores because her mother “expected her to do things flawlessly.” Does Samantha’s fear of disappointing her mother make their relationship better or worse? How can high expectations help a person? How can they hurt a person? When Samantha’s mother finds out the truth what is she upset about?

What does Samantha realize about herself because of her bet? What does Logan realize? How does the bet change their relationship?

When Samantha finally has the opportunity to criticize everything, why doesn’t she? Is she thinking about Rick or about herself when she decides not to retaliate against him? Was it the right decision? Why or why not?

Do you think the right person won the election? Why or why not? Who would you have voted for?

Enrichment activity: Pretend you’re going to write a sequel for this book. Whose point of view will you tell the story through? What do you think happens next to the characters?

I was asked so many times for a sequel to All’s Fair in Love, War, and High School, that I wrote a follow up book called Revenge of the Cheerleaders. Write a synopsis for your sequel and see how yours checks out with mine.

Book Activities

Samantha and her friends are involved in a school election. Talk about the democratic process and then hold an imaginary election (for the next US president, astronaut, ambassador to Mars, official time traveler, etc.). Have students come up with campaign speeches explaining why they’re the ones for the job.

Samantha makes a bet that she can go two weeks without insulting people. Have kids try a similar experiment then write a report about their experiences.