It’s a Mall World After All

Book Discussion Questions

Cover art byWalker & Company

Cover art by
Walker & Company

When Charlotte sees Bryant at the mall with another girl, she tells Brianna about it. Was Charlotte making assumptions and spreading rumors or being loyal to her best friend? Have you ever done something with good intentions and had it backfire on you?

Reese tried to break the law by shoplifting shoes for his mother. Was he right or wrong? Does his motivation (wanting to help his mom) make the act of stealing less wrong? Would you ever break the law to help someone you loved?

Charlotte won’t forgive the boys (and a lot of the girls) who treated her badly in junior high, but she wants to help people in need like Reese and T.J. Do you think she is charitable or uncharitable? Do you think being hurt by people in junior high has made her more or less compassionate? Have you ever had to forgive people who hurt you? How did you manage to do it?

Kelly tells Charlotte, “Sometimes you can’t have justice and friendship. So you’d better make up your mind which you want more.” What does she mean? Do you think she’s right? Who does Charlotte’s inability to forgive hurt the most?

In the book Charlotte sees a division between wealthy people and unwealthy people. At one point she even thinks wealthy people are less friendly. Does such a division exist in the real world? Why do you think so?

At the winter dance Olivia mentions that she’s learned Latin. Is it really fair to make kids learn a language with five declensions where nouns can change to like, seventy different endings? No wonder the language is dead. Reasonable people everywhere killed it. I know this wasn’t really a book question, but still . . .

Brianna and Amanda have many differences of opinion and fight a lot. How do they show their love for each other? Can people who disagree about important things still get along?

Charlotte finally learns to forgive Bryant and to trust him. Unfortunately he shows himself to be untrustworthy. Was she wrong to trust him? When it comes to trusting people, is it better to be safe than to be sorry?

In the beginning of the book, Charlotte is more concerned with justice than with friendship. Has she changed by the end of the book? How can you tell?

Book Activities

Charlotte likes to do service projects for the underprivileged. Have students design their own service project. They will have to write a description of the project and explain it to the class. Then vote on one that the class can do.

Charlotte believes that what you buy says a lot about yourself. Without telling them why you’re asking them, have the kids write everything they’ve bought in the last month. Does what is or isn’t on their list reveal things about their personality? Have the teacher create a fictitious list and ask students what the items tell them about the person.