Revenge of the Cheerleaders

Book Questions

Cover art by Walker & Company

Cover art by
Walker & Company

This book has the same characters as All’s Fair in Love War and High School but the story is told from Chelsea’s point of view instead of Samantha’s. Why do you think the author chose another character as the main character? How does seeing people from a different character’s viewpoint change the way you see people in the story?

Because their father was an alcoholic, Chelsea has always looked after her sister. Is it a good or a bad thing that Chelsea took on a parental role in Adrian’s life? Chelsea’s mother asks her to keep an eye on Adrian. Should Chelsea have this responsibility? To what extent should brothers and sisters watch out for each other?

Although Chelsea is a cheerleader and popular at her school, she sometimes feels alone, harassed, misunderstood, guilty, and insecure. Is being popular any guarantee of happiness? What makes a person happy?

Chelsea’s mother had a bad marriage and thus is extra worried about Adrian dating Rick. She says,

“Bad boys have a certain attraction, but they grow up to be bad men, and we all know where that leads.” She meant my father. He was the type of fate we had to keep Adrian from. (Pg 31)

Is it right of the mother to let her past experiences influence her opinion of Rick? What is the difference between gaining wisdom from your past and being judgmental?

Chelsea is not only mad at Mike for seeing her friend, Naomi, behind Chelsea’s back, but Chelsea is also mad at a lot of the football players because they knew what was going on and didn’t tell her. Was she justified in her anger? Considering her past behavior with Travis, was she being hypocritical? Do you have a right to be angry at people for hurting you when you’ve also hurt other people in the past?

Is Rick a sympathetic character at the beginning of the book? Has your viewpoint of him changed by the end of the book? Why or why not? Chelsea likes him more at the end of the book. Has Rick changed or has only her viewpoint of him changed? In what other ways has Chelsea changed during the book?

Because Chelsea is pretty and popular, Adrian feels like she’s second best—that when Chelsea walks into a room suddenly Adrian becomes invisible. Whose fault is it that she feels that way? Can you love someone and still be competitive with them? Can you think of a time when Chelsea was also competitive with Adrian ? Is it ever good to be competitive with your friends or family?

Chelsea believes that confidence and a good attitude are more important than beauty when attracting guys. Do you think she’s right? Do you think her experiment was an accurate one?

Chelsea keeps embarrassing herself in front of the cute guy she wants to impress. Isn’t life just like that? This may not be the best book discussion question, but hey, it’s true.

Chelsea knows Tanner thinks she’s a college student and doesn’t correct him. Samantha says, “It’s almost the same as lying.” Do you expect people to be absolutely honest with you? When if ever, is it a good idea to withhold information? Would you be angry if someone withheld information from you?

Chelsea is trying to keep Adrian away from Rick for her own good. Is she in the right? Would she be in the right if Rick were a really bad person—perhaps even an abusive person? How do you know when you should step in and try and help a friend and when it’s better just to mind your own business?

Would it surprise you to know that while the author wrote this story she briefly considered getting Rick and Chelsea together because they had good chemistry together on the page. What sorts of relationships are exciting to read about in novels? What sorts of relationships do you want in real life?

After Chelsea tells the story about Travis to Tanner, she says that it is her fault that Adrian is the way she is. “She wouldn’t be this way if I hadn’t messed things up for her.” When Tanner finds out that Adrian blames Chelsea, he says, “That must be a power trip.” Chelsea wonders if he meant it was a power trip for her because she had the power to mess up her sister’s life or a power trip for Adrian because she could lay a huge guilt trip on Chelsea. What do you think he meant? Chelsea then wonders about her relationship with Adrian and who has the power. She also wonders if it’s wrong for her to want the power in the relationship. What do you think the answers to those questions are?

Book Activities

Rick writes some anti-cheerleading songs about Chelsea and her friends. Have students rewrite the words to one of their favorite songs so it reflects their opinion on something.

Molly and Polly are unpopular and treated badly by some of the other students at school. Talk about popularity and how we treat others. Have students write about a time they were treated badly by someone and also a time when they were treated well. If you have the students’ permission, share some of these stories out loud in class.

Write each student’s name on the top of an individual sheet of paper. Pass the papers around in class so that everyone has a chance to write something positive about every student in class. (Warning, if you do them all at once you’re likely to get a lot of short comments like: He’s nice. If you only do one or two names a day students are more likely to elaborate in their responses.) After all the sheets are done, hand them back to each student so they can see all the nice things their classmates have said about them.