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I admit right off that I didn’t make this trailer–but I think it’s absolutely darling, and Andie, the rent-a-teenager I used to make the it, did such a good job of finding the PERFECT upbeat, fun, teen song to go along with the pictures. I’d never heard of the band BackDrop, but now I love them, and I’m not just saying that because they agreed to let me use their song.

So in honor of the trailer, I’m going to give away a copy of My Fair Godmother. Just leave a comment telling me something about . . .um . . . your favorite slide in the trailer so I know you actually watched it.

Oh, and because I couldn’t figure out how to make the video very big on my blog, if you want to see it full screen you can go to:

If I can figure out how to pay for them, I’ll also give away some downloads of the song: I Wish You Were Mine. (I need to ask BackDrop about that.) So if you love the song like I do, mention that in your comment too.

If you want to learn more about the band you can check them out at

and check out some more of their songs. I also really like Sitting Lonely. (The song, I mean, not the activity.)


My Fair Godmother Trailer — 28 Comments

  1. My favorite part of the video is the scene that says she must defeat: an ogre, a dragon, and a mysterous ultra hot Black Knight!

    Why? Um, ultra hot black knight! Plus ogres and dragons are always fun, right?

    Very cute video for what I’m sure will be a great book! 🙂

    Sara (The Hiding Spot)

  2. I also liked the slide that said what she had to defeat, because the pictures were funny and unexpected and made me chuckle. Also, I liked the reference to the “hot black knight” because she never saw his face while he was in black knight mode, so how would she know? Though maybe it was referring to how a person’s kissing ability makes them hot, in which case . . .

  3. Darling book trailer! I like the pink in the beginning and the stars around the book title and Prince – and the girl in the swing with her wings. I’ve actually already bought this book and love it, but would love another copy because I’m going to give them away to my nieces for Christmas! ;-D

  4. I loved the Middle Ages were smelly slide, because that’s exactly how I pictured the place in my mind. What’s a girl like Savannah to do without a bathroom? How does a girl primp while trying to win the affection of a mysterious Black Knight and a darling and brave Tristan? Give me a bathroom and some lip gloss!!!!!

  5. I’ve never seen a book trailer before. That was great! My favorite slide also was the one about the Middle Ages not having bathrooms. I think the trailer captured the book perfectly, without being a spoiler, and is a great way of publicizing the book.

  6. I liked the slide that mentions how dirty and gross the middle ages are “bathrooms hadn’t been invented yet”.
    I’m all for winning a copy of this book – I loved it. 🙂

  7. My fav. slide was “Chrissy only hears the ‘Prince’ part” beacause if Chrissy had heard the whole thing where would the fabulous fairy tale be?

  8. My favorite slide is the one with the dark ages being cold, dark, and smelly. Because really, WHO EVER thinks about that stuff? The dark ages are pretty dresses and castles! I loved how you portrayed them in a totally new light, and the dramatic picture that went along with the slide was awssomee.

  9. My favorite slide is the being the Princess is not its all cracked up to since its cold, smelly and has not bathrooms. It adds an element of reality to the fairy tale, it makes the story more fun and interesting. I have read this book felt terrible when I had to return it to the library. It was the first book I read written by you, it made me a huge fan of all your work.

  10. For starters, this is my favorite book yet! It seems a bit more mature then the others, plus it is longer so I was able to read more. My favorite slide is where you see the horse racing and the slide says “Chrissy only hears the PRINCE part”. Everyone daydreams what they would wish for if a genie (or Fair Godmother)came to them, but what we say and how it is heard by others is not always the same. I LOVE it:)

  11. I liked the whole trailer, but if I have to pick I will say my favorite part was the shot of the prom date in the tuxedo, because it’s about the only no one has mentioned yet and there is something very attractive about a guy in a tuxedo, even if you can’t see his head. The boutonniere was lovely as well.

  12. I think best slide was the one about Snow White with the picture of the apple. I have no idea why that one’s my favorite, but for some reason that’s the one that popped into my head when I was trying to think of one. Maybe it’s just because it’s lunch time.

  13. I love this book by the way! I love blogging; I can’t believe I’m talking to an author. =) My favorite slide was the one that said “Chrissy only hears the ‘prince’ part.” I love the photograph of the knight on the horse in medieval costume. Love it! I like 21st century technology, especially toilets, so I wouldn’t go back in time, but it would still be fun to dress up in medieval costume.

  14. I’m excited to read this book because I just finished “Just One Wish” and really loved that book. It was touching and funny and romantic all at the same time.

    Book trailers is something new to me. What a great idea! I like the slide with the hearts and curly cues. One of the hearts looks like chocolate. Yummy!!

  15. Actually, I loved the font. I kept watching it as it came in and out with the slides and thought, “My 13 year old would KILL to be able to write like that!” It just fit the fun, lightheartedness of the book. And the music was sick! (You know, good sick, not ‘sick’ sick.)

  16. I liked the slide “the middle ages were cold dark and smelly”. It seems it is a popular slide, but I went to England last year and thought it would be pretty cool to live in a castle. Until I actually went to one and stayed in a 400 year old manor. They are smelly. You just can’t get that smell out no matter what. Also the gardenrobe, aka bathroom, is nothing to brag about. I actually have a picture of my husband sitting on one. I would have hated to have to clean the bathrooms back then.
    Oh, and by the way whoever gets the book is in for a treat. It is a really cute, and funny book.

  17. I liked the turning of the words!! it made me dizzy with excitement! The music was very up beat. This would make a great movie!!

  18. I agree with Sara. I like the part where she has to defeat all those things. And how is possible that a fairy godmother messes up a wish like that? Too funny. Sounds like a great read.

  19. Too cute! The slide that hit me the most was actually one of the most plain – the two hearts about finding love and going back home – because it reminded me so much of Valentine’s day fancy boxes of chocolates! (But the slide about the princess part not being so great was the *perfect* picture.)

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