Haiku, Low-ku, and chocolate

I forgot to add one thing about my class at BYU, and that was the Low-ku contest. (Haiku that is low on the poetic scale.) I thought Mike in my class wrote the best Low-ku poem. He was simply robbed when he didn’t win the contest, so as a consolation prize I am posting his poem here where it will be seen by (according to statcounter) approximately five hundred viewers this week. Of course also according to statcounter many of these viewers will be from countries that don’t actually speak English,so I’m not sure why they are stopping by my blog. Oh well, everyone is welcome here and if I knew how to say that in Portuguese and Chinese I would.

By Mike Blakesley

Boogidee the bird
flew by Tansy the bird dog.
We still find feathers.

This, according to Mike is a true story.

On a heavier note–heavier because I’m completely switching topics and now speaking about all the calories I’ve consumed lately–I’m returning to Arizona tomorrow. I’ve been traipsing around the Oregon and Utah for the last three and a half weeks and basically eating like I’ve been living on the Good ship Calories-don’t-matter-so eat-whatever-tastes-good.

Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so many deserts and stuff. There is a tub of chocolate covered raisins upstairs in my mother’s kitchen which I keep returning to like some sort of homing pigeon. Through constant use, I’ve rubbed off some of the lettering on the tub so that it now reads: Chocolate sins. And yes they are.

Reality and bran flakes will come tomorrow. Tonight there are more chocolate sins to be devoured.


Haiku, Low-ku, and chocolate — 21 Comments

  1. I think I just about died laughing. Thank you for the funny Orlando Bloom stories–Joel doesn’t think he’s a worthy idol for young girls’ affection, but I adored him just as much as anyone my age. Joel simply doesn’t understand. Thanks for the funny blog. 🙂

  2. What a fun post, Janette and welcome home!! So you were able to visit your mom? That’s a nice plus.

    One of my favorite parts of your blog was the comment: “I keep returning to like some sort of homing pigeon.” What a great image… I could totally relate to that!! Fun stuff!!

  3. Janette, you have honored me with your blog. You have consoled the anguish that I felt at the conference.

    Might I add that being mentioned on a post alongside chocolate makes this a High Honor. I never knew the exalted position that chocolate had in the world until I got married and learned how strong cravings are and how deep some addictions go.

  4. Love the Low-ku. Very fun!

    Enjoy all the chocolate sin you can. Bran flakes suck. Although there’s this really good bran raisin w/ crunchy granola that’s really good. Check that one out.

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