Don’t miss Revenge of the Nerd Goddess

Click here to buy on Amazon or read for free on Kindle Unlimited! Who says the smart girl can’t get the quarterback? When Dakota moves to her new high school, she has a run-in with three jerks. They may moo…

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Taking a dive for a lizard

I’m an animal lover. This won’t surprise anyone who’s seen my son’s Odd1sout Youtube videos about how we ended up with five cats.  Click here to see me in cartoon form So last week when a baby lizard snuck into our house at…

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One of my funniest romcoms is now available on ebook—Yes!

I’ve always said that choosing a favorite book is like choosing a favorite child. (Although on some days, I can tell you who my favorite child isn’t.) But What the Doctor Ordered is one of my favorites. An eccentric elderly aunt…

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New release! (Well, sort of, anyway.)

Over the years, I’ve written three police romantic comedy novellas. To tell you the truth, I always meant to write another one and put all of them in a compilation. However, I’ve also always meant to keep my dresser cleared…

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Some great clean romcoms

When Ben Shepherd asked me to recommend five books in a specific category, the first thing that came to my mind was a list of clean romcoms with embarrassing moments. Why did my mind go there? Probably because misery loves…

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The Cowboy and the Girl Next Door is released!

I always feel so weird telling people that my book has been released. It sort of makes me feel like my book was kept locked in a basement somewhere. But anyway, it’s out in the world now and you can…

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Godmothered vs My Fair Godmother

I admit I put off watching the movie Godmothered, because I knew after I watched it I was going to feel sick. And who wants to ruin a perfectly good night? But my husband finally insisted we watch it. Anyway,…

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Cowboy Romance update

Just wanted to let you all know that my book The Cowboy and the Girl Next Door will be available for preorder in a few weeks. (Due out May 1st) And no, that picture isn’t the cover. My author friends…

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Surviving 2020

Everyone is a little shaken up this year I just realized that it’s been a long time since my last blog–and seeing that this is 2020 and I’m in the oldish demographic, some of you (Do people actually read blogs…

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Hot cowboy series–Why you shouldn’t (or maybe should) make decisions at 1:00 a.m.

My writer’s group had finished and a few of us lingered on way past the time we should have gone home. (Just like every month.) This month we were bemoaning the fact that our various books with complicated plots were…

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A bucket list for my posterity

We all have bucket lists with a lot of dream items.  For example, going to Egypt is on my bucket list. And those sorts of goals are good, but as I was thinking about the subject, I realized that if…

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What’s coming next

              Is there life after Slayers? Well, my kids are still buying me dragon things for Christmas, so maybe not. (And I still need to tweak some typos/little things in several of the books,…

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