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My editor just sent me the second wave of revisions. So, in honor of this event I’m putting up some posters from They say it so well. In fact, you can make your own calendar out of their many sayings. I’m thinking about it. I’m also surfing the Internet for other job possibilities.

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Oh, and here is another good one for writers:

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Have I mentioned that I hate revisions?


Revisions. — 14 Comments

  1. Wow. That’s pretty deep.
    I think I’ll give up now.

    (P.S. If I chase rainbows am I an idiot?) What if I find the pot of gold and get past the leprachons, will I still be an idiot?

    think of it this way. If you get the book finished thats the pot of gold, and your editor is the leprachon. (Was that to offensive?) Idiots don’t get books pubished only those who don’t read them are.

  2. Janette,
    Really, I’m trying hard to find some pity in my heart for you . . . but it just isn’t there! MAYBE if I had managed to be published or something like that I could find it!

    Alas . . .

  3. love the posters. I’m going to get one and have it framed on my wall. Revisions stink. I try to get all pollyanna about them and say things like, “well . . . they make the book stronger.” But yeah, I’m not fooling anyone

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