The Dirk version is out! Can I get a Hallelujah

Slayers: Into the Firestorm: Jesse Version by [Hill, C. J., Rallison, Janette]
***Both ebooks now have both versions in them, so you don’t have to buy both if you want to read both endings. If you already bought the Jesse version, you should be able to upload the new version–but don’t ask me how because I’m bad with tech.***

This means that the series I’ve been working on for over ten years is finally done. When I started the first book, I had four kids living at home. Now I’m months away from being an empty nester and I have four grandkids.

If you’re new to Janette Rallison/CJ Hill books, the reason I wrote two versions for the end of this series is that
1) Despite that saying that you can’t make everybody happy, I still try.
2) I told my then-teenage daughter I would write a Dirk version for her because she’s been Team Dirk since the first book.
3) I’m bad at decisions and I never really decided who Tori should end up with anyway. You should see me try to pick out paint colors. It isn’t pretty.
And as always, please please leave a review. Since the Dirk version is brand new, it doesn’t have any reviews.
Again, both ebooks have both versions.


The Dirk version is out! Can I get a Hallelujah — 15 Comments

  1. If you happen to find out how to merge the two versions, could you let me know? I purchased the book when it was released and I don’t see any options to update or anything..

    • I will definitely check into it and if I can find out the steps/links/buttons you need to push to update the file, I will tell you. I just know that I’ve gotten a notification from Amazon that one of my ebooks was updated and people could download the newer version. I’m not sure if Amazon does that automatically.

  2. I think you posted the Jesse copy as the Dirk copy because I checked both and the endings are the exact same, it even says the this is the Jesse version spiel at the end of Dirks. I payed 4 more dollars for the same copy so I’m really hoping you can fix it.

    • I looked at it and the file, and I think this is what happened (I was afraid it would lead to confusion and apparently it has) I put both versions of the book in the Dirk version and went back did the same for the Jesse version. I didn’t want people to have to buy both since there are only a few scenes that are different. (And now instead of thinking about Jesse, Tori is thinking about Dirk. Jesse is thinking about Tori less–little stuff like that.) The beginnings are the same, and if you scrolled to the end, you would have scrolled to the end of the Jesse version. Does that make sense? Anyway, see if you can get your money back from Amazon because I don’t want anyone to have to pay for two versions. (If they don’t, let me know.)
      **A SMALL SPOILER** You’ll notice things are different in the scene where Dirk and Tori are together in Khan’s mind. So if you want to skip all of Tori’s internal thoughts about Dirk and just get to the part where she chooses him, I would go there.

  3. I just finished the dirk version and I love it. I’m so glad you decided to write that version. As a read it, it seemed like the true version and just made sense with how it went. I guess for me it always seemed that Jesse was never as understanding of tori dragon slayer half and just wanted to pretend it wasn’t there. Also Dirk always showed tori as his priority more than Jesse. Anyways done ranting just wanted to THANK YOU! Thank you for sharing your story and the work you gave for it!❤️

    • Glad you liked it! Yeah, I didn’t realize when I started the series that my villain would really end up being the main character, so in that regard, it makes total sense that he would end up with the girl. (When I started the series, I didn’t plan to have a love triangle. That just sort of happened because when I put Dirk and Tori together in the scene where they found out they were counterparts, I realized that in that situation Dirk would kiss Tori. And that is why you shouldn’t base characters on Dirk Benedict. He will take over your entire series and steal the girl.)

      Anyway, please leave a review!

  4. OOOOOOOO I’m soooooo excited, I can’t wait for the paper back of Dirk’s version to be out!!! I’ve been shipping Dirk and Tori since the beginning and it’s not often my ships actually come to pass so thank you. 10/10 best christmas present of the year!!!

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