What would you call it? The working title

The bow-tied one has asked me on several occasions what I’m calling my new manuscript. (Which still isn’t done–but I have written 54,000 words. Of course of those 54,000 words, approximately 3 will remain standing by the time revisions are done, so I don’t even feel close to done at this point.)

Apparently editors like to know title information so they can put it in contracts and use it when talking to the other people at the publishing company. I usually have some sort of title. I mean, I’ve got to call the manuscript something so I can find it again on my computer after Vista tries to bury it in the bowels of some obscure file where I will never be able to retrieve it. Vista is just like that.

So the name I’m using on my computer is: New, new, new, novel for Tim. Really. It started out as novel for Tim but then got ‘new’s added every time I completely scrapped the thing and started over. Yeah, this hasn’t been my easiest novel to write.

Anyway, despite the fact that he should be honored that I put his name in the title, the bow-tied one has not taken to the title: New, New, New Novel for Tim. He wants me to come up with something else.

I am really drawing a blank. I thought maybe I could do a take off on The Prince and the Pauper, and call my book: The Prince and the Pop star, but I’m sort of afraid that no one would make the connection and they’d just think it was a book about royalty, which it’s not. (The prince would be referring to the hot guy lead who is also a rock star and is thus the Prince of Rock.)

It’s a book about a girl who, in her quest to meet her father, impersonates a famous teen rock star. And yes, she does fall in love with rock star guy who doesn’t know who she really is.

Since you guys did such a great job with producing song lyrics, I’m confident someone out there will come up with a brilliant title. Or at least a really bad title so I can laugh about it.

Suggestions anyone?

If you come up with the title that the all-powerful marketing department actually likes, I’ll send you a free copy of the book when it comes out.


What would you call it? The working title — 24 Comments

  1. Hee hee…this could be fun. I’ve got a craving for pop rocks candy suddenly…

    Pop my Balloon?
    Pop goes the Rockstar?
    Rockin’ around the Pop?

    Oh my…I’m feeling silly. Will pop (ha) back later perhaps.

  2. Okay, I just posted a list and Blogger ate it! I’ll see if I can recreate it.

    POSER (I like this one best)

    I can’t remember the other list! Ugh. Well, I hope those help.

  3. jacob proffitt has awesome ones. In fact, ironically, I was actually going to suggest “Confessions of a Fake Teen Idol” but maybe mine was more of a “True Confessions of a girl who fakes a lot of stuff.”

    Yeah, Jacob’s was waaaaaaay better.

  4. Lets see
    ~~~ What happens in hollywood stays in hollywood.
    ~~~ What really hapens in hoolywood
    ~~~ Popstar for a day
    ~~~ Star for a day
    ~~~ What it’s like to fall in love with a rockstar
    ~~~ Fallin in love with a rockstar and other things on my todo list… oh wait

    … hmm. not really coming to me right now
    mabey ill try again later

  5. I actually like your title a lot and think everyone would get it. I have a decent title, but I’m sorta keeping it on hold in case I need it since my WIP is about a girl pursuing a pop music career… You could always call it that for now, right?

  6. I can totally relate to the “new, new, new title”. I have a lot of those. Then I have to create new subfolders and then I have new, new files in those subfolders too. 🙂

    As for titles… I really do like “The Prince and the Pop Star.” I think everyone would get it, but then again, you told us the answer before you asked the question, so it’s hard for me to give an unbiased opinion on that one. 🙂

    I would have said to just call it, “The Prince of Rock,” but Heather beat me to it. I also love “Between a Rock Star and a Hard Place.”

    In the interest of winning a book, though, let me see if I can think of any of my own….

    – Give Love a Second Chance
    – Give Pop Rock a Second Chance
    – The Last Pop Star Standing
    – What a Tangled Web We Sing
    – What I Wouldn’t Do . . . And What I (Would/Did)
    – The Queen of Rock
    – The Life, Love, Lyrics, and Lies of (insert lead character’s name)
    – The Life, Love, and Lies of a Teen Rock Star
    – To Lie or Not to Lie

    Okay, I’m just rambling at this point. In any case, good luck with your title – and with your book!!

  7. Fake Expectations
    Lies, Love and Rock
    I Won a Fake-time Emmy
    My Record Went Platinum… and other lies I told to get this guy I loved.
    How to Fall in Love With a Rock Star… and then blow it.

    There you go. Read ’em and weep.

  8. A real fake romance

    that took me forever to come up with. yeah i know. it isn’t the best but here are some others

    Rocking the Wish
    Superstar…in disguise
    Bad impersonations of a rock star

    there you go. Hey i tried.

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