Why I Need a Live-in Copy Editor

As you can tell by my last post, I was involved in an internet game of telling five things people don’t know about me and then tagging five other bloggers. So after I’d written my post I went to my friend, Jennifer J Stewart’s blog. I meant to tell her, “Tag, you’re it!” But what I actually said was, “Tag your it!” Which sounds vaguely obscene and probably made several people on the grammar police look for their billy clubs. (Lynne Truss is safely in England, isn’t she?)

So yeah, I think I need a live-in copy editor. If she also did laundry and dishes and occasionally drove a kid to soccer, I would be even happier. Whatever happened to Alice from the Brady Bunch? Does anyone recall how her grammar was? If anyone knows her, tell her I’m desperately seeking Alice.
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Why I Need a Live-in Copy Editor — 3 Comments

  1. My house already looks like something out of a Carrol novel–I need no more cats, rabbits, or catepillars–and I’m already the Queen of hearts. (Meaning that I like to yell, “Off with her head!” when certain children don’t do their jobs. No, I definitely need a maid.

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