My Double Life giveaway

It is just two short days until My Double Life comes out, so I’ll be running a couple of give-aways, but just because I’m putting up a new blog–you can’t forget to come to my book launch on Thursday, May 13th at Changing Hands: 7:00 pm. Remember, you’re going to lure strangers into your cars and bring them with you. (Details are in the last blog entry.)

Okay, so here’s the deal for the free book. Teen Libris and fellow author, Susan Colbank, have interviews with me on their websites and I am just fascinating enough that you’ll want to read them both. Then leave a comment on this blog about something you learned about me or the book from one of the interviews. Mention whether you’re a follower, since followers get double entries. May the random number generator be with you!

Another book give-away

Laura Lofgreen,one of my blogging friends, just did an interview with me that is up on her blog:

I think all of my followers should read it, because I can actually be insightful and witty when given questions I can write out and then revise. In real life, not so much. In real life, I can never think of the word I want and half of my sentences end with the phrase, ” . . . you know, that, um, thing . . .(insert wild hand gesture to emphasize my point)”

So in order to entice you to read the interview, I’ll give away a book (I’ll let you choose which)to one person who leaves a comment on my blog about something they learned about me on Laura’s blog. (No fair asking for My Double Life though, because I don’t have copies of it yet.)