Fashion and the author

I admit that I’m a fashion dropout. This is one of the perks of being an author. You can hang out in your pajamas flipping popcorn into your mouth while you work. What could be better?

But I do have to go out every once in awhile, so occasionally I find myself perusing the racks at the mall, wondering what is ‘in fashion’ and what I can wear without looking like I’m trying to be sixteen. It’s hard to buy anything in the big, loud prints that are popular right now. I still remember making fun of those after they went out of fashion the last time.

And besides, I don’t trust fashion designers. I think secretly they are like the tailors in the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes and they just come up with outlandish things to see if they can make people look like fools.

“Ha ha,” they laugh in their fashion designer lairs, “We make people look ridiculous and they pay us large amounts of money for it! What can we get them to wear next?”

You don’t believe me? Take a look at some of these recent outfits that probably cost more than your mortgage payment. (And no, these pictures didn’t come from the worst-dressed issue of some magazine. These are straight out of the September 22nd issue of People magazine.) Apparently the celebrities were proud of these outfits.

Here is Anne Hathaway in a dress which was obviously inspired by a Hershey’s kiss: (Well, fashion designers have to eat something while they design . . .)

Here is Christina and a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. A word of warning to all other celebrities who may be tempted to wear this sort of thing: Video of Lucy Lawless singing the national anthem when her arms went one way and her strapless top went another are still floating around the Internet.

This is obviously a castoff costume from the old Buck Rogers show. Watch out Martian warriors, Beyonce has joined forces with Twiki.

And lastly, here is Victoria Beckham sporting the latest craze: Sponge Bob Orange dress.

Now don’t you feel better about your wardrobe?