Manatees, Barbara and otherwise

Nicole, one of my intrepid fans, has asked me a couple of times to mention the plight of manatees in my blog. It isn’t really a writing-young-adult-fiction sort of topic, since I have never written or read a book about manatees. (Hmmm . . . that might be a possible plot idea . . .)

So why am I going to do it anyway?

Because I am a sucker for animals. This is easily evident from the pack of stray felines who have taken up residence in my yard, and who I keep feeding even though I know full well that by doing so I have become the neighborhood’s token Crazy Cat Lady. I can’t help myself. They are furry and cute and stare at me through the glass door, patiently waiting for me to come out with catfood. How can you not feed something that’s doing that?

But nobody else ask me to do something like this or my blog will become one long pitch for endangered animals. And we already have that. It’s called the National Geographic. My husband insists on a subscription but I hardly read it because it just depresses me. It’s like: Gee, which ecosystem is the world destroying this month?

But in the spirit of love for manatees, (who I’m sure would stare at me through my kitchen door if they could) I’m posting Nicole’s link and my favorite manatee song. (There are so many to choose from.) If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing then just watch from 2:30

Ahh, the wisdom of tomatoes.