The bribery continues

First off, let me say that I really thought I was through bribing blog readers to do random things. I mean, I never intended this blog to be like those What-would-you-do-for-a-Klondike-bar commercials. Although it isn’t readily apparent, I have more class than that . . . at least some of the time.

But this time what I’m asking you to do will be really easy. Two seconds of your time.

My engaged daughter called me yesterday to tell me she was chosen as one of the five finalists for a wedding give-away and asked me to ask my friends to vote for her and the son-in-law-apparent. (You know you want to see his picture anyway)

Sooo in a shameless attempt to buy votes I’ll be giving away paperbacks of My Fair Godmother (because I have a ton of them) Vote. Leave a comment telling me you did. And I’ll give-away a copy of MFG for every four comments I get. In other words, if I have 20 commenters, I’ll give away 5 copies of the book. Your chances are good–so take 2 seconds and vote for Asenath and Alex–number 4 at this link:

Oops–the voting doesn’t actually have their picture. To see that go to:
and scroll down to number four. Why does my daughter appear to be checking to see if her fiance has a heartbeat? I have no idea, but there are rumors of vampirism . . .

blog hop give-away

Inspired Kathy emailed me and asked if I wanted to be part of a blog hop. I said, “Sure,” because a blog hop sounded like a sock hop and I thought it might involve dancing. Besides, who am I to argue with someone who’s inspired?

It turns out there is no dancing in a blog hop, but if you feel inspired to dance, I won’t stop you.

I realized upon reading Kathy’s last email that this give-away is supposed to involve a paranormal romance. I just happen to have written a paranormal romance, but my editor is reading it right now, so it’s not actually available in book form.

Therefore, I’m giving away a signed copy of My Fair Godmother. After all, it does reference Edward Cullen, and if you squint, fairies sort of look like vampires, all sparkly and whatnot.

So leaving a comment will get you one chance, and promising to put my books face out on the shelf the next time you are in a bookstore will give you two. (Yeah, that’s the kind of followers I have, baby. Rebels to the core.)