Give-away and Very Cool Book Trailer

Okay, yes, I know I’ve sort of messed up the whole orderly system of give-aways that I was trying to do. I’ve learned that one shouldn’t do give-aways when one is traveling around the country as you never know what the Internet situation is going to be. Seriously, today when I tried to open my email, it told me I had a mailbox full of messages from 12/31/2069. Apparently I’ve been time traveling

(And I’m way behind mailing the said books to my winners–sorry about that, they will get to you!)

But before I list the next give-aways, you need to look at my awesome new book trailer. It sparkles! I love it. (I am still thinking of putting one version out with the other music though)

If you’re interested in getting a book trailer made yourself (I know some of you followers are writers too) go to his website at and fill out an information form. He does book trailers from cheap to expensive (mine was mid-range)

Anyway, so the books on the give-away schedule are: signed copies of Black Sand, by Lisa Finder and Haunts Haven, by Joan Sowards. These are copies of books that I bought from other authors while I was doing book signings.

Leave a comment for one chance, tell me you’re a follower for two, if you include a blog/facebook/twitter link about the give-away it’s four chances, and if you follow me on twitter it’s five.

Until tomorrow–Internet providers providing–I’ll chat with you again.