Book give-away/name that book

I love the Polish people. I don’t know any Polish people personally, but I love them anyway because they keep buying my books. I think that says something about their inherent good humor and fine taste in literature.

Sometimes my publisher sends me the Polish additions of my books, which is very cool. Here you can see that 1,000,000 sprzedanych ejzemplarzy!!!

I am not actually sure what that means, but I hope that it means I’ve sold a million books, because I know I’m pretty close to that number. (The last I heard on the cover of My Double Life, it said I’d sold nearly a million books.)

You would think that my publisher would tell me these sorts of details, but no, I only learn them from the flap copy of my books.

Anyway, when I got this book it took me several minutes to figure out what book it was. And then when I did figure it out, I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t realized it as soon as I saw the cover.

So for all you true-blue Janette Rallison fans, I’m doing a book giveaway that isn’t involved in. The first person who can guess which of my books this is the Polish version of, will win the English version of the book. (Or the Polish one if you’d rather.)

You only have one guess, (no fair listing all of my books).

Good luck!