The Problem With Wikipedia

Once while I was talking about researching stuff for my novels, I told one of my author friends, Jon Lewis, that my editor made me find a native Italian speaker to look over the Italian phrases I put in How To Take The Ex Out Of Ex-boyfriend. Jon laughed a lot about that. He said one day he was going to write a book on research called: Wikipedia, It’s Close Enough to the Truth
For Me.

And granted, he may have a point. You can find anything on Wikipedia. I had to learn some stuff about martial arts and–bam–Wikipedia has the history of, origins of and names of dozens of different types.

I was marveling about this to middle daughter. “I don’t know who spends the time to write all of this stuff,” I said. “I haven’t even bothered to write the page about me.”

“There’s a page about you?” she asked.

“Yep,” I said. “I have no idea who wrote it, but it lists all of my books.” To prove the point I typed my name into the search engine. It gave the basic boring information about me and then said, She lives with her husband and five children one of which is named Gaston. In “Just one wish” it is comically and truthfully stated that Gaston is believed to be the coolest.

Hmm, apparently Gaston’s friends know how to edit Wikipedia and are adding their own opinions.

See, that’s the problem with Wikipedia.