Apparently the random number generator can be bribed

Because the first person Randy chose was Candace, who promised to send him chocolate if she won. I’m not sure how you’re actually going to get that chocolate to the random number generator, Candace, but I’ll let the two of you work that out.

Botterfly girl is also a winner so send me your addresses at jrallisonfans @ yahoo dot com. And Vanessa (last week’s winner) your book is still sitting on my countertop. I went off to a writers retreat thinking that my dear husband would read my mind and know he was supposed to take that to the post office, but apparently he flunked mind-reading classes.

The Random Number Generator has spoken

I picture it like that scary green floating head in the Wizard of Oz, but maybe that’s just me. Anyway, today the random number generator likes Chelly and Kristi Stevens. Don’t get creeped out about that or anything.

So, Chelly and Kristi email me your home address at jrallisonfans at yahoo dot com, and Ben Bella will send you your books.

The rest of you, don’t despair. Because I just got a couple of ARCs for My Double Life and I and my good buddy Mr. Floating Head Number Generator will be giving those away next blog.