Book Give-Away/ The problem with attractive people

I bet you think I’m going to say that the problem with attractive people is that they’re conceited or used to privilege or they see the world differently from regular people. Probably true, but nope, that’s not what this blog is about.

The problem with attractive people is that it is so hard to write interesting descriptions of them in books. When the heroine is describing the hero, (or the other way around) she needs to do it in a way that not only gives the reader a basic visual image, but also tells us he’s attractive.

However, beyond writing about a few distinguishing characteristics–blond, brunette, square jaw, blue eyes or brown–you can’t describe a person’s face at all. People look vastly different from one another, but it’s nearly impossible to detail those differences with words.

This makes describing a handsome guy or beautiful girl that much harder, and now that I’m revising book number 18, I feel like I’ve run out of fresh ways to do it. I want to write:

He had two eyes, a nose, and a mouth–and they were placed in just the right areas of his face.

You see my problem.

So here’s the deal: Write a description of a handsome guy or a beautiful girl in the comment box. I don’t care what color eyes, hair, or skin he or she has–I have a lot of beautiful people in my books. I’ll get around to your favorite type eventually.

I may use all or part of your description at some point in one of my books. (Heck, I feel like there are so few ways to write up attractive people that I may have already used your description before you even write it.)

I’ll choose two comments and those people can have whichever one of my books they want. (With the exception of My Double Life, which still isn’t out yet–but hey, May 13 isn’t that far away. Yay!)

Happy writing.