A one question survey while I wait for my ebook to load

Do you know the best time to ask your husband to load your new ebook? Apparently it isn’t 11:00 pm. (Sheesh, morning people.)

So I’m hoping that he’ll get Masquerade put up sometime tomorrow, and as soon as it shows up for sale online I will post the news here.  (It’s sooo much better than the original. I’m excited for it to come out in its new incarnation.)

Until then, I want to ask you a question.  Who do you like better–Luke Skywalker or Han Solo? Who did you like better as a teen and if you had to choose one for a romantic lead, who would it be?

I have a legitimate reason for asking, but I’m not going to tell you what it is until I get some answers. I don’t want to prejudice the results


A one question survey while I wait for my ebook to load — 26 Comments

  1. First of all, I LOVE Masquerade, so I’m excited to read the new version! Congrats on the soon-to-be announcement! Now for your survey, I would say Han Solo. I like a romantic lead I can swoon over, and Luke just isn’t very swoon worthy to me. And yes, I felt the same way as a teen. 🙂

  2. Han Solo wins as far as romantic. Though Luke worked better as the main character of the series because he had this coming of age/growth throughout. But Luke didn’t even get a romantic love interest.

  3. Oooh! So excited to read it!

    As far as romantic leads go – I’d have to say Han Solo. But, since Luke doesn’t get a love interest, I think this is kind of a loaded question.

    Han is definitely better looking – which is important in the film medium. In a book, the looks don’t matter *as* much, since readers can imagine them however they want. As long as the author doesn’t describe them as ugly…

    Also, Luke is too … dependable. You know exactly how he’s going to act in every situation. There’s no “game”. With Han, there is the question, the intrigue.

    I don’t think people necessarily like him because of the “bad boy” persona – since I like good boys too. But I think the idea of there being some intrigue definitely keeps the audience wishing and hoping, rather than expecting – which can get stagnant.

  4. Han Solo would definently win out, he’s just desirable. He’s the kind of guy who makes you feel as if you need to argue, yet you love to argue anyways. He makes the arguements fun and that is just plain desirable.
    Luke is just too focused on the whole ‘save the jedi’ thing to even be considered romantically worthy. I do love Luke, but I could see him as a lovable brother, not boyfriend. Which is the role he plays, go figure.

  5. Han Solo, definitely. And I’m still a teenager, technically. Han Solo is attractive, but, more importantly, he’s kind of unattainable and unpredictable, which makes him all the more interesting. Luke is just too much the perfect brother figure to be a romantic lead.

  6. I just loved Masquerade and can’t wait to read the new edition of it 🙂
    When I was a girl, I had girlish wants. Luke was the man for me. He was sweet, honest and dependable. Luke would never leave you alone, or heaven forbid make you do something for yourself. *dreamy sigh*
    Now that I’ve grown, Han has sooooo much more appeal to me. He’s a manly man. Someone strong who would punch another man for looking at his wife the wrong way. He would protect and defend, and only show the sweet, romantic side of him to the one he loves. 🙂 *super dreamy sigh*

  7. Interesting, it is. Overwhelming, the results seem to be . . .

    And don’t you love how I said this was going to be a one survey question and then asked you three? (Writers are sooo like that.)

  8. I say Han but only because this was an either or question. I got Luke and Anakin mixed up, but then realized who you were talking about—yeah. I choose Han, but if you should throw older Anakin in there. Well then ! 🙂

  9. I’m gonna be in the minority here (as always!) and say even though I don’t particularly love either of them, Luke has some first-rate and underrated qualities. Or at least the Luke of movie #6 (he’s kind of a whiner in 4 and 5).

    Looks: Okay, yes. Han completely blows Luke out of the water here. Sorry, Luke, few people compare to Harrison Ford.

    Ego: Ummm… Yes, Luke wins here. Han seems to be pretty sure he’s God’s gift to everything.

    Awesome kick-butt-ness: Have you guys even SEEN Return of the Jedi? Is it cooler to shoot a gun and miss constantly or be able to move things and injure people with your mind? Plus, light saber. Enough said.

    Dependability and all-round good guy-ness: I realize there’s something intriguing about someone who’s all sharp and unpredictable and cranky and such. But for a long-term relationship, I’d much rather have someone who is kind and generous and etc. I’m a grown woman who has a husband who is my best friend. And he’s still fabulously romantic. That appeals to me far more than someone I have to argue with a lot (but I don’t really like arguing anyway, except about frivolous things like dreamy movie heroes!).

    Okay, that was a large analysis, but I just thought Luke needed a little defense. Give him a little love here! 🙂

  10. All that said, I realize the question was really more about teenage responses. And in that case, yes, Han wins. But I still think Luke from #6 (where, again, he stopping WHINING–mostly) is more likable. (Or maybe I’m just contrary.)

  11. Luke. Luke is the type of guy that I would take home to visit the fam. Dependable, kind, easy to be around. I really think that the “nice guy” thing is highly under rated.

  12. I always liked Han better. Luke just looked like a monkey. Harrison Ford was a real piece of eye candy. And he was funny too. His character and the way Ford played it were just perfect.

    Did you know that Harrison Ford wasn’t even cast first for Han Solo. He only got the part because he was filling in for someone else (maybe his friend, or maybe not since Harrison was a janitor or something…) and then they liked him better than the other guy so they cast him instead.

    I don’t know…something like that.

    But how much would it suck if you took a sick day and came back to work, only to find that someone has taken your place?

    Even if that someone was Harrison Ford…

  13. When I first watched the Star Wars movies as a teen, I thought Luke was a FOX!
    But later, I liked Hans Solo. He was the bad guy, had his flaws and showed us he really was a good guy. *swoon*

  14. Luke, definately.. I was about 13 or so when i first time saw these movies (early 90’s) and instantly falled love with Luke. Tho I saw ep 5 before 4 so it might have affect on me. He also have much cooler last name than Han has.. What is Solo to compared Skywalker??

    I have also read lots of SW-books and in those I love Luke too. Besides, I like Mark Hamill’s look (tho Harrison Ford is one of my favorite actor of all time and handsom too).

    I think Luke was my first love.. ah, use the Force!

  15. Han Solo! The man has game in every area, including romance. He’s got the mysterious past, he’s got more depth (having been on the good AND bad side). He’s more fun to watch because he’s unpredictable and has a little bit of an attitude. Also, a Chewbacca sidekick doesn’t hurt. Plus (sorry Luke) he’s much better looking, although like Tiana pointed out, that doesn’t really matter in a book. Luke is too good and predictable, which is good in real life but not so fun to read about.

  16. I have ALWAYS loved Han Solo!! That darling wry smile of his and the whole tall dark and handsome thing. (And anyway, Luke is such a whiner!!) But I remember actually feeling guilty that I didn’t like Luke Skywalker because of course I fancied myself as Princess Leah and it just seemed like they were supposed to be together–“Luke and Leah”. But I was 5. What did I know about sexual tension! So for a few years I hid my true feelings for Han until “Empire Strikes Back” came out and we found out that Han and Leah liked each other. Yay! And then it was so great in “Return of the Jedi” when you find out that (WARNING: Spoiler Alert) Luke and Leah are twins. And now you could root for Han and not feel guilty anymore because of the bizarre love triangle.

  17. Han had a much better sense of humor than Luke. The funny guy will always keep my interest longer.

    P.S. Gave myself the gift of reading “My Fair Godmother” and “My Unfair Godmother” back-to-back the other night until 2:30am. Can I say how much I love these books! The laugh-out-loud humor, the witty reflections on dating, the emotional tugs at my heart . . . can someone please make them into movies already!

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