Erasing Time book launch and Book Trailer

Hey Reading Aficionados,
My new release, Erasing Time comes out August 28th!

 You can buy it any of your finer bookstores. (If your local one doesn’t carry it, tell them they won’t qualify as a finer bookstore until they order it, which they should do immediately.) If you’re in the Phoenix area, I would love to see you at the book launch on:

Tues, Aug 28th, 7:00 PM at Changing Hands Bookstore

I’ll talk about vital and important topics such as:

The future (Will the government want to kill you?  Ha! Do you really doubt it?)
Secret symbols in store logos: (Seriously, they’re in a bunch. I’ll show you some.)
And Rank (You can be one of the cool, early adopters.)

Also get a glitter tattoo so you can fit in with the High Rankers of 2447.

Time travel is optional.

Here’s the book trailer:

Dramatic twists and turns to the very end ensure readers’ attention and the possibility of an equally thrilling sequel–Kirkus


Erasing Time book launch and Book Trailer — 10 Comments

  1. I don’t need time travel — just a car since I live in Phoenix XD Granted, I live on the west side, so it’s a forty-five minute drive, but I shall be there XD

  2. Marissa, Time travel will either get you a date with Dr. Who or sent to a dystopian future, one of the two . . .
    Kari, Yay! I’m glad you’re coming!
    😉 I’ll be giving away some Shannon Hale books after the launch, so follow away!

    Tamera, Hope you like it!

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