Happy Birthday, theoretically speaking

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I’m celebrating a birthday soon–although of course when you get to my age you don’t actually celebrate them. You dread them, you try to dodge them, you sigh with that same it-can’t-be-here-again-already expression you get when the dentist informs you it’s time for another check up. (Ditto for the OB.)

I wouldn’t mind birthdays so much if they didn’t involve so much reflecting–not reflecting about life. That part is okay. That part is really great, actually. It’s all that reflecting in the mirror.

Where did those wrinkles come from? And is it just my imagination or are my eyebrows migrating down my face? We will not even discuss other areas of my body as this blog is read by teens and I wouldn’t want to frighten them about what life has in store.

But take my advice. Wear sunscreen.


Happy Birthday, theoretically speaking — 7 Comments

  1. *Laughing*

    This is exactly what my mom tells me all the time she says “_____ I’m old.” And of course it’s my job to reassure her that, no, she’s not old.

  2. Happy birthday, you gorgeous young thing, you! *I* think you look amazing, if my opinion counts at all!


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