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I love Hawaii. I really do. In fact, even though I am day-glow white, I think I might actually be a native Hawaiian. I’m basing this on the fact that I’m always late for everything–which apparently is also known as “Hawaiian time”. Plus I stay up until midnight every night, which is only 9:00 p.m. in Hawaii, therefore proving my internal clock is set to somewhere in Polynesia. Also, I could totally do the moo-moo thing when I get older. I already wear flip-flops most of the year.

So anyway, my husband and I just went to Hawaii to drop off our daughter who is staying there this summer. The entire summer. How unfair is that? I never got to do cool things like that when I was her age because, let me think, oh yeah, I was a poor married student.

Anyway, she is having a blast. Here are some pictures from the trip.
Here we are at the Polynesian Cultural Center, which is lush and green and not an Arizonan desert. The weather was great there. It’s 108 in Arizona and will be that way for the next six months. All of you in normal states should feel sorry for me.
Here I am on a little pink blowup raft drifting off to sea. It was a bit windy that day and my husband started to panic that I wasn’t paying attention to the fact that I was literally being blown away. Okay, so in fact I wasn’t paying attention, but eventually I noticed and paddled back to shore. He needn’t have worried. However for the rest of that afternoon he stood in the water with one hand holding my raft so I wouldn’t drift off again. In so many ways this is a metaphor for our life together.
[This photo has been removed because my daughter works in the public schools, and her students are far too fond of looking her up on google.]

This is a picture of my beautiful daughter standing near the ocean. If you are planning a trip to the beach, I wouldn’t recommend you take along a beautiful daughter. We swam every day and in most pictures I look like something the cat dragged in (and then left to ferment with the dirty laundry.) She always looked gorgeous no matter what. Seriously. In fact . . .
here is a picture of her with some random tourist who saw me taking her picture and asked if he could have his picture with her because “she looked just like a supermodel”.

And lastly here is a picture for my editors and fans. Even in paradise I was still working on my novel.


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  1. Oh! What gorgeous pictures! Oh! What a gorgeous daughter! Oh! What a brassy tourist to grab her like that…he’s handsome too!

    From your description, I also could be Hawaiian. Do they paint the grass green every morning? What is wrong with 108 degree weather, huh? That was one big ass swimming pool!

  2. I like a good laptop as much as anyone, but taking one to the beach? A Hawaiin beach no less! For shame!!!
    BTW, I’ll refrain from commenting on your daughters good looks. No Mother wants to hear a middle aged man “gush” over her “little girl”. It’s too CREEPY!
    However, I am officially jealous!

  3. Yea! So glad to see you working on a novel in paradise, so that the rest of us who can’t go to Hawaii will at least get a fun book to read someday….so jealous.

    Love that that random guy grabbed your daughter. It is a personal goal of mine to achieve that level of beauty where strangers will want to take a picture with me…..

  4. I’m so jealous I can hardly type this because I can’t see straight!

    According to Shannon Hale, does that mean I’m going to H@!!?
    Because I think that is where the Windex is.

    In that case…

    Janette, I am sooo happy for you!!!

    (Now I’m going there for lying. I can’t win.)

  5. Didn’t it feel so lovely just to lie on a raft and drift slowly and quietly out to sea? Very sweet of the DH to be your anchor (in a good way), though. That is a lovely picture of Miss Hawaii. That will be a great bookjacket picture when she becomes a novelist.

  6. You have such intelligent, wonderful friends mother. 🙂

    And you really were quite far out in the ocean–I don’t blame Dad for being worried.

  7. I am still chuckling over your comment, Melinda. You get bonus points for incorporating three blogs into your comments.

    And really, no one needs to be jealous because I’m back home in Arizona where it is 108 and I have an ample supply of Windex to keep me busy . . . sigh

  8. First off, your daughter is gorgeous. (You had her when you were what, twelve?)

    As my girls get older, I have to say that the picture with Mr. Stranger Dude freaks me out. It’s almost enough to wish my girls weren’t as pretty as they are (and will be) so freaky guys won’t be after them!

  9. Yeah, I agree. Don’t we sound like that Pantene commercial? Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful . . . Life is so hard when you’re beautiful . . . strangeers come up to you and bother you on the beach.

  10. What fun! and your daughter is beautiful…and that can be a curse at times. One of our daughters had creepy guys try to pick her up at stoplights and follow her all over town. Once a guy actually tripped on the sidewalk and fell on his face because he turned his head to keep watching her. We used to tease her with that line from the “A Knight’s Tale” about repenting for being beautiful. The thing is…that beauty…and I am sure this is true for your daughter…comes as much from that light within as anything else. Most guys have no idea that is what is attracting them to her. Our ward’s seminary teacher warns our girls about that all the time.

  11. Your daughter is gorgeous, but then she has a gorgeous mommy. It helps to come from good stock. I’m jealous of your paradise vacation, but oh so glad you got to go!

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