I always suspected as much

I have often asserted that anything would taste good if it was dipped in chocolate first. Really, you could take a pair of old shoelaces, cover them in peanuts and carmel with a dark chocolate coating and instant: Mmmmmmm.

I have a Russian friend who came to visit me not long ago. She knew I loved chocolate and knew I had five children so she bought me all sorts of Russian candy. We had no idea what any of it was, but ate it most willingly anyway.
This one was a particular favorite. It turns out that it’s chocolate covered prunes. Yeah, prunes, those things my kids refuse to touch. They went pretty fast once they were covered in chocolate.


I always suspected as much — 9 Comments

  1. Our company has several sales agents in Europe, and they bring chocolate whenever they come into the home office. That stuff is heavenly!

    One box was a little different. The filling was actually liquor. I had several before I figured out what was going on.

    Yeah, that was a fun afternoon.

  2. English chocolate is hard to beat. And it doesn’t have strange things in it.

    I’m another chocolate cherry disliker. There’s something about the combination that reminds me of laxatives my mother forced on us as children.

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