I’ve made it! . . . well, sort of . . .

Okay, remember how I said in a blog long ago that I would know I’d made it when Mattel created a Barbie doll of one of my characters? Well, I was flipping through my latest Barbie doll catalog and low and behold what do I see but this picture:

Look at that long pink hair and the gaudy accessories. Clearly this is Chrysanthemum Everstar from My Fair Godmother, (See the picture in my last blog) which means that my book and character must have reached the same fan level status as Elvis and Priscilla, Lucy and Ethel, the cast of Grease, and Batgirl, who are also in the catalog.

I am officially cool.

Okay, so Mattel didn’t know they were making a Barbie doll likeness of one of my characters. She’s actually one of their designer series Barbies. This one is by Tarina Tarantino. (Don’t you just want to rush out and buy something of hers?) And because she’s a designer Barbie, she costs twice what the normal collector Barbies cost, and I’m going to have to shell out 80.00 if I want to own one. (It’s basically the same principle involved in buying designer jeans.)

I sooo bet that Priscilla Presely got a free copy of her doll.


I’ve made it! . . . well, sort of . . . — 19 Comments

  1. (You should so sue Mattel). I whispered that so that the Mattel police don’t come looking for me. They’re very litigious. But she’s quite lovely. Although I prefer your book cover. What a rockin’ g-ma!

  2. How cool is this Barbie?!!!! And how cool are you to have been in the same mindset as some foo-foo designer person to come up with this look. 🙂

    I’m SOOOO excited to read your two upcoming books! LOVE the covers you posted the other day!!!

    Oh, and just a thought… Have you considered extending your creative juices to doll fashion design? Sheesh–$80?

  3. When you get be as old as me, you’ll understand how confused some people can be. I believe the name is “Rick” Deloach.
    I admit that it’s been awhile since I’ve read “All’s fair…” and “Revenge…”, but wasn’t Rick Deloach the name of your character that posted Samantha’s SAT scores around the school prior to the student body elections (among other things)?

  4. Deloach STILL didn’t sound right, so went to the YA shelf and looked it up. Rick DEBROCK was the name I was trying to remember.
    Nothing ruins a joke like blowing the punchline, having to explain the joke and then blowing the punchline a second time.
    I’m going back to bed now!


  5. yeah, but it’s even worse when you do it and you’re the author. And believe me, I have messed up my own character’s names. There are just so many of them at this point. And I did have a Tim in How to Take the Ex Out of Ex-boyfriend, so I can see how it happens.

  6. Maybe if you send them a book and underline the description they’ll want to do a joint sales campaign in the next scholastic catalog–this could be opportunity knocking 🙂

  7. We saw a barbie at thew store a few moths ago that looked exactly like you. we didn’t buy it but we did get a picturethough not a good one thanks to the plastic and the quality of my cell phone camera). I’ll have to send it to you 🙂

  8. Love that pink hair! I wish my girls were into Barbie and I would buy that for them.

    Btw I just finished “Revenge of the Cheerleaders” and I enjoyed it. You capture that high school girl’s voice so well!

  9. Cool, pink-haired Barbie! I did note the pink hair on your new cover! I shall have to ask the bow-tied one to send me a copy. There are so few perks, after all, but that is one: the occasional free book!

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