Just One Wish interview

Despite the fact that my expression in the beginning of this interview makes me look like I am about to discuss something extremely distasteful (politics, grout stains, Paris Hilton) I am actually talking about something fascinating–my book. Okay, at least it’s fascinating to me. I am frequently fascinated by myself.


Just One Wish interview — 15 Comments

  1. ohh!! i am so excited! ^_^ I can’t wait till it comes out!! Both of them. Just between you and me, i LOVE your books better than the whole twilight series put together. ^.^

  2. I’m excited to read both of them, but I’m sad that I can’t get ‘Just One Wish’ today. And why has Lillian gotten to read them both already? How can I get in to the circle of early readers?

    Alas, I remain Your Favorite Stalker

  3. If you do book reviews on your blog, for your local newspaper, or such you can ask to be put on publisher’s Advanced Reading Copy (ARC)list. Even Amazon is getting into the ARC action with their vine review program.

    I had 22 reviews on Amazon before the book came out. (And 21 out of 22 really liked the book, so I figure they’re pretty smart reviewers.)

  4. Wow! I just stumbled across your blog today, and I love it! I read It’s a Mall World After All last year and I loved it as well. I need to pick up your other ones. I find it refreshing to know that not all YA books are full of profanity, violence, sex, drinking and drugs. I really enjoy reading your posts, and am very excited for your new book and all of your other ones!

  5. Janette please please please don’t swithc to all fantasy! I would probably cry so hard i’d wither up and would have to go to rehab, and really i just don’t need that right now.

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