Kindergarten Update

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For those of you who are wondering–no, I haven’t succumbed to watching day-time TV now that my youngest is at school. However I have caught myself talking to my cats, so I can’t claim to be completely well-adjusted. I mean, what’s happening to me? She’s only been gone a couple of weeks and suddenly I’ve turned into Doctor Doolittle. Like, I’m trying to provide couples therapy for my pets.

The dog: Woof!
Me: Stop bothering the cat.
The cat: Meow!
Me: I told her to stop, what else do you want me to do?

I am just some funky shoes and a purple scarf away from being an eccentric cat lady.


Kindergarten Update — 7 Comments

  1. Being a estatic (however you spell it) cat lady isn’t all that bad, compared to a pet phycic. In fact I bet you could even make a proffesion out of it.

    Cat: Meow, Meooow
    You: Your cat wants you to get rid of your dog.

    (And if you haven’t noticed, I am a bad speller.)

  2. Hey, maybe I could be a pet psychic. After all, I’ve known all along that the cats want to do away with the dog. It’s all they talk about when they get together at night.

    ps spelling is overrated

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