Merry Christmas!

It’s my favorite day! One of the reasons I love Christmas is that I get to hear from old friends and see how their families are growing. Here are the Christmas cards for this year:

The 2007 picture: I actually like this one of us. Usually at least two of the kids look like they are stunned, blind, or trying to gnaw through invisible rope, but in this picture no one looks horrible–our very own Christmas miracle. Of course my body looks sort of potato-ish, and people who haven’t seen me recently might wonder if I have a waist (I do) or worse yet that I’m having another baby (I’m not) but still, I’m happy with the picture.

In retrospect, it might have been a mistake to make the kids wear red shirts while being photographed in Target. The slinked through the store afraid someone would mistake them for employees.

Here is the Christmas card I sent to my old college room-mates:

The one I sent to the bow-tied one:

And anyone who needed an angel: I love angels.


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  1. I think that we’re at the age where, no matter how fantastic we look in person, photos will always record us as looking like a sack of potatoes.

    Having said that–Merry Christmas!!

  2. It took my family two and a half hours to take our picture, even then my daad is smirking, my brother plastered a regular smile on his face which shouts, TAKE THE PICTURE, right in your face, and my sister is not trying very hard to look happy, my glasses were glaring, I mean the light on them was creating a glare. My other two sisters looked tired, but fine.
    I once hid so I didn’t have to have my pic taken at a family reunuon. Me and my cousin. No one could find us. we hid for 30 min. no one could find us. Finally we came out and got grounded. The WHOLE I mean WHOLE family scowled at us and treated us like scoundrel trouble makers. Very few were kind…more like understanding….or both, whatever.

  3. I read a card that said: If the three wise men were the three wise woman, they would have arrived sooner because they would have stopped and asked for directions, they would have brought mor reasonable gifts (with a picture of three woman with a vacum cleaner, tongs and duster) and they would have cleaned up the stable.

  4. Do you not love Target’s photo studio? Honestly, they are my favorite. We’ve been doing our photos there for several years and if you use the $4.99/sheet coupon that comes every month in the sunday paper, it’s such a steal! Your photo turned out great and you are so dang funny–potato my foot! You look great.

  5. love the family picture. We do family pics once ever several years. It’s soooo hard to make everyone settle into a normal smile and to keep the boys from sticking their tongues out at the camera-guy. Love the cards!

  6. Lillian, I’ll tell you where I was. No one but me and Megan know this so listen up. Behind the brick wall by the church. Actually, there was a wood fence behind it so we were between the two. There were a bunch of houses. Well, like five. They were “country” houses. Surprised no one looked back there.

    THere was a chain link fence directly behind the brick wall…wierd huh?

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