my fab trip to Utah–Shannon Hale

I came to Utah to teach at the BYU writing conference, but first I went to ShannonCon. (Shannon Hale kept on insisting that she didn’t name the gathering ShannonCon–her fans did, but we know better. As soon as I become famous enough, I am going to have a JanetteCon.)
Here is a picture of Shannon and I. My head for some odd reason looks huge.
Here is another picture of us, where I look normal, but Shannon is closing her eyes. After that my camera battery died, so I don’t really have a good picture of the two of us. Maybe I’ll photo shop her eyes open . . .

Well, despite the fact that I couldn’t find a Shannon Hale costume anywhere, I had a great time. Shannon’s fan club (Little Read Riding Hood) are a great group, and I’m not just saying that since some of them are also my fans too.
Nathan Hale, who has illustrated Shannon’s new book–Rapunzel’s Revenge, also dropped by to tell Shannon stories (He is so funny!) and hand out some very cool Rapunzel paper dolls that he made in conjunction with the book. Now don’t you wish you’d gone to ShannonCon?
We went out to dinner and her fans gave me chocolate–which just goes to show you that they know me well.

I can hardly wait until the next ShannonCon!


my fab trip to Utah–Shannon Hale — 18 Comments

  1. Oh sure, when you were telling your students at the conference just how difficult it was to be a writer you completely left out the part about hanging out with fabulous writer friends.

  2. I’m with Kristi! That’s good stuff. It should not be left out.

    However, I’ll forgive you if you invite me to Jan-Con.

    (I don’t think your head looks big. I think Shannon’s just looks small.)

  3. Yep–Shannon’s son seems very impressed to be hanging out with writer folk. And Shannon is definitely one of the fun people to hang out with. She sings karioke in taxi cabs. Really.

  4. Oh, such fun! And sorry I didn’t make it to the signing… I’m sort of in Indiana right now, and I forget about it when I told you I’d be coming. 🙂 Like I said, though, very fun, and it was great having you there.

  5. Shannon’s group is called Little Read Riding Hood. Sometimes I think my books could just be described as Little Read. (Sigh. I went into the Bend River Barnes and Noble and no, they didn’t have any of my books on the shelves.)

  6. Actually it’s “Little Red Reading Hood” not Little Read. There’s nothing Little Read about any of the girls on there… and you have plenty of people who read your books! Look at all the -cool- people who read your books and post on your blog!

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