My real job

During Project Book Babe one of the questions that was asked of the panel was: When did you know writing had become your career? Shannon Hale had a great answer. She said, “It isn’t my career. Being a mom is my career.”

I’ve always felt the same way. I’m a mom first. I hardly did any promotion or travel before my kids went to school all day. If truth be told, I didn’t do a lot of writing before my kids went to school. It was mostly done during nap times, favorite kid TV shows, or sitting beside soccer fields pretending that I cared which way the ball went.

Sometimes I forget this though. I imagine we all do. We have a goal to get xyz done and our kids seem to be the thing standing in the way of getting xyz done, so they seem like a job-hinderance instead of our real job.

But today I’m remembering. Being a mom is my real job. I will make cupcakes for my daughters class, and take another daughter shopping for the shorts she needs, and make dinner.

I can’t complain. All in all it’s a great career.

2016 Update: The pictures of my children have disappeared from this post. That is because one is a Youtube personality now, and he doesn’t want pictures of him when he was younger floating around. Yeah, I know it’s still there on the web anyway. But whatever. Sometimes being a mom means you put up with stuff. I forgot to mention that in my original touching post about being a mom.


My real job — 15 Comments

  1. Yes, and I remember calling you during eighteen hours of labor and telling you that the whole childbearing idea had been a mistake–thank goodness it’s too late to change your mind at that point!

  2. This is so very, very true. I’m spoiled now that all my kids are in school. With summer break approaching, I’ll be back to writing while they’re asleep at night. Welcome back “Tired Zombie Mommy.”

  3. My daughter keeps me updated on how many days of school they have left–and I’m already wondering when I’m going to have time to write. But hey, on the bright side I won’t have to get up early to make cold lunches.

  4. You made dinner?! I thought you were against that sort of thing.

    And here I’ve been trying to mimick you by feeding my family cold cereal. Back to square one…

  5. I love that people as tremendously successful as you and Shannon Hale are would say that your career is being a mother. Right now, when my kids are little and I’m still in the fledgling writer stage, it’s hard to keep for me to keep that perspective.

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