My Unfair Godmother–weigh in on the cover

As my entripid followers know, one of the books I’ve been working on recently is the sequel to My Fair Godmother. I thought I’d unveil the cover. (Release date: JanuFebuaryish 2011)

Cool, huh? It was so considerate of to shoot three different pictures of the same girl as a fairy so I could have some consistancy on my covers. (Sort of makes me feel like I have to write a third one, just so I can use that third picture.) I’m just hoping that the covers aren’t so similar that people think it’s the same book. (As in, oh, I already read that one. No need to buy it.)

The odd thing is that they sent me the cover on the 13th and I just signed the contract for the book today. When I saw the golden apple on the cover I thought, “Hmmm, People will wonder why that’s there.” So I had to go write a golden apple into the story. Hey, whatever works.


My Unfair Godmother–weigh in on the cover — 42 Comments

  1. I like it. I wouldn’t confuse the cover with the first book, because I am just highly intelligent that way.

    A similar thing happened to me with one of my titles. My publisher gave me my title and I had to add a scene so that the title would actually make sense.

  2. That is so interesting they would give you the cover with an apple on it, so THEN you write in an apple! This publishing thing is always a surprise.
    The cover is very pretty. I don’t think it’s too similar to the first one.

  3. I really like it!! It was nice of them to change the color of her top, too. So at least she’s wearing part of a different outfit. And I’m sure you made the golden apple a wonderful part of your story. 😉

  4. Like the cover. Now I would like to read the book. And I think you REALLY should add another book to the series.
    The girl kinda looks like Emma Thompson…just sayin. Don’t write her into your story, though.

  5. I think it’s a fabulous cover! All those greens will keep anyone from confusing it, and it’s nice that they used a different blue for the sky. I definitely think you shouldn’t let that third pic go to waste. Write away 🙂

  6. I love it! It looks wonderful! I don’t think it’s too similar, different position, different background etc.

    I think you SHOULD write a 3rd. 😉

    And having to add something because of the cover is something I have heard before. Glad it worked out!

    Word Verification : Abdul, sounds like a character name to me.

  7. That’s funny about the apple. My Fair Godmother is my favorite of your books (I’ve blogged about it a couple times and even gave it away for a contest when I got my agent–because of the time travel theme). I look forward to reading the sequel.

  8. BTW, I was watching C-SPAN the other day (Nerd Alert!) and an author was talking about his book when the scroll at the bottom of the screen said that he was at Changing Hands Bookstore. I’ve often wondered what that bookstore was like. Looks very nice!ingwora

  9. I just read the first book again and thoroughly enjoyed it. Can’t wait for the sequel to come out.

    The cover is stunning and the green foliage differentiates it from the first one quite nicely.

  10. awsomeeee!! i cant WAIT for the next one. but it does look pretty similar to the first one. i wouldnt confuse them, because i’m a little bit obsessed with your books, but someone who isnt such a fan might.

  11. oh my gosh!!! i’m in LOVE with the first book and now that i found out it has a sequel, if feels like i just got the best birthday gift in the whole world. I hope it comes out sooner, i dont think i can wait for that long. But i hope you can tell us what the book is about even if the sequel doesnt come out fast. I’M JUSTT SOOOO EXCITED!!!

  12. The second book has the same fairy, Chrissy, and her faithful (okay, not so faithful) leprechaun assistant, Clover. Chrissy is given another assignment, so she torments, I mean blesses, another girl with three wishes.

    Part of the book takes place in the Middle Ages, and there is a hot guy involved–beyond that, you’ll just have to wait and see because I don’t want to give any spoilers.

    I hope you like it as much as the first book. (Although I have to say, My Fair Godmother is a really, really hard act to follow–which is the main reason it’s taken me so long to write the second one.)

  13. I asked my 13 yr old daughter what she thought of the cover and she thought it was really similar to the first book. She did like it, but thought that maybe she would think she’d already read it. But that is just one opinion. I do like the golden apple, it makes me wonder.

  14. I love the cover, it’s awesomesause!! I really wanna read My Fair Godmother actually as my friend recomended it to me and it sounds way cool, I ‘ave no where I can get it though ‘cos I’m in the UK. Still, at least I know the’s a second book if I like it. XD

  15. Wow! I’m so happy I found out you had a blog! I’m a big fan of your books; they make me laugh, they make me cry. My favorite for a while was “Fame, Glory, and Other Things on my To-Do List” 🙂 But I really enjoy your others, especially your “Fair Godmother” books!! They’re really great and are good pick-me-up books. Thank you for writing them!! :)) Can’t wait for the next one! Good luck; I think you’re a fantastic author!! It inspires me to actually finish one of my stories and be one too! :)) Best of luck!!

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