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  1. The Just One Wish cover was a choice in the first round of covers. After I told them that I loved it, they immediately eliminated it. Luckily the marketing deptartment had second thoughts and ended up choosing it. Yay! I think it is my favorite cover of any of my books.

  2. Hurray! More books coming out for me to read, with tantalizing covers! Maybe the covers alone will give you Stephenie Meyer-like fandom:P

    I remember when the Just One Wish covers were shown on your blog, and I liked this one the most! Go you!

  3. I obviously don’t know you, but I read My Fair Godmother and loved it so much I am reading it again 1 week later. I’m going to have to buy it since the library wants it back. It’s one of the best books I’ve read in a long time! Great job!

  4. hay jannete rallison ypu don’t kow me but i was wonderig are you going to make a sequel of just one wish i3> it 🙂

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