New Year’s resolutions, revised

Every year I make New Year’s resolutions, and every year I break them. In fact, my usual tradition with my New Year’s resolutions seems to be that around June I get them out and laugh at my naive optimism. So this year, I’m taking my resolutions and doing what writers do best–revising them

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 1) Exercise more. Hide the treats better. Maybe I’ll forget where I put them.

 2) Stick to a budget. Resist buying more Christmas cards and wrapping paper, even if they are 75% off right now.

 3) Have a family dinner every night. Cook something once in awhile that requires more work than slitting open the top of the package and programming the microwave.

 4) Declutter the house. Put a moratorium on the stray cats my children keep collecting. Ditto for those pesky stuffed animals that appear like furry big-eyed mushrooms in every room of the house.

 5) Make myself presentable every day, even when I have a deadline. Try to convince people my pajamas are actually medical scrubs and I’m just back from a 36 hour shift.

 6) Read the classics. Watch Doctor Who while I fold laundry.

 7) Learn a new skill. Learn how to work the TV remote. (See resolution 6)

 8) Become best-selling author. Stop writing 400 page novels.

 Okay, that last one isn’t particularly funny, it just seems to be something I need to keep reminding myself. Because even though on the outset of the last four books I’ve written, I specifically told myself my book wasn’t going to go over 300 pages, I keep writing these mammoth stories that take way too long to write and revise.


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  1. Tiana, this year for Christmas I got a bunch of exercise clothes–I won’t be exercising in them though. They’re just comfy writing clothes. But maybe when people come over, they’ll think I’ve been exercising.

    Lisa, Thanks.

    Savvy, the key to happiness is low expectations.

    Dena, if only it would work. Sigh.

  2. Golden Eves, I wish I could revise life after it already happened, but sadly that’s much harder to do.

    Tarot Reader, yes, my children mock me for not being able to work the TV/DVD player/netflix, but the thing is I’m too busy to watch much TV so I’m never the person who turns it on.

  3. Elbina, you’re right. I shouldn’t complain about how long it takes me to write (I’m much slower than most of my writer friends.) I should complain about not having three extra hours in the day. I think I deserve 27 hours instead of only 24. I’d get more done that way.

  4. Charles, it probably is spam, but I’m leaving it up because you at least read enough of my blog to make an intelligent comment on it.

    Space Matters, sadly you didn’t. There is actually very little useful information in my list of revised New Year’s resolutions.

  5. Good list! That last one hasn’t been a problem for me until I attempted YA/MG fiction. Maybe you should try another genre. (Just kidding) We’re glad you hang in there through that whole revision/editing process, even if it’s a pain. The end product is so worth it!

  6. That is such a good idea..revise the list and I can relate those, I wonder if I can pass my PJs off as hospital scrubs?!?

    I’ll have to mention your blog on my new one!

  7. I laughed out loud at your list and then got very upset about your last one. I would be very happy f your book were 400 pages! You are one of the few authors who doesint frustrate me with ending my book to early or not giving me enough. I am constantly pausing in my reading to look at my book and see how many pages are left in case an author wants to end my ook to soon. Don’t change

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